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No Decriminalisation Rally

DATE : June 4, 2024 AUTHOR :

In May 2024, British Pro-Life organisations decided to hold a rally. The rally was in response to amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill that would see abortion decriminalised up to birth in England and Wales. If made law, these amendments, proposed by MPs Diane Johnson and Stella Creasey would give the UK the most liberal […]


Voice for the voiceless – battle to defend those who can’t defend themselves

DATE : May 15, 2024 AUTHOR :

A big thank you and well done to all our supporters who turned up at Parliament Square on Wednesday to say ‘No to abortion up to birth’.  As you all by now know, the Criminal Justice Bill has been hijacked by pro-abortion MPs Diane Johnson and Stella Creasey, to add amendments that would decriminalise abortion up […]


The Steady Erasure of ‘Women’ in the Pro-Abortion Movement

DATE : October 23, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose 23 October 2021   The focus of this Christian Today article is on Poland, and an Amnesty International report on abortion in that country that raises multiple concerns, including the airbrushing of women from the abortion narrative, and the current and future detriment to Poland of low population growth. Read here. […]


The Truth About Abortion and What Pro-Choicers Don’t Want Women to Hear

DATE : September 29, 2021 AUTHOR :

Christian Today Lynda Rose  29 September 2021   With the publication of a book by Lucy Burns on her own abortion journey of grief, pain and shame, uncomfortable questions are raised, which Lynda Rose explains, are not faced squarely by ‘pro-choicers’. Read here.  


Reject calls to legalise abortion up to birth.

DATE : September 6, 2019 AUTHOR :

Reject calls to legalise abortion up to birth.

We call on Her Majesty’s Government to reject absolutely any and all calls to legalise abortion up to birth. Sign the Petition Here.

At the recent G7 Summit in Biarritz, world leaders were told by the Gender Equality Advisory Council that removing all legal safeguards and allowing abortion up to birth is recommended good practice in advancing gender equality. In recent months, and using similar arguments, abortion activists in the UK have similarly been pushing for the legalisation of abortion up to birth – and for its extension to Northern Ireland, in clear disregard of the democratically expressed will of the people of that Province…

Sign the Petition Here.


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