No Decriminalisation Rally

In May 2024, British Pro-Life organisations decided to hold a rally.

The rally was in response to amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill that would see abortion decriminalised up to birth in England and Wales. If made law, these amendments, proposed by MPs Diane Johnson and Stella Creasey would give the UK the most liberal abortion laws on Earth.

So it was that a rally was speedily organised for the day of the opening debate.

As the morning of that day, the 15th May, broke, the sun shone, and continued to shine all day. A great day for a rally; a great day to be a voice for the voiceless; a great day to let MPs and the wider population know that the majority of the population here in the UK in no way support the extreme abortion legislation being proposed by MPs Stella Creasey and Diane Johnson.

Arriving from the Westminster Chapel side, I saw that the green across the road from the Houses of Parliament where the rally was being held was already hosting a crowd. A crowd of folk of all ages and races standing there with banners held high for all to see; banners that read ‘No Abortion up to Birth’, ‘70% of Women want the Time Limit Lowered’ and ‘Babies Are Surviving at 22 Weeks’. I crossed the road and joined them, taking pictures to commemorate the occasion before finding my colleagues. A wall of folk with banners lined the pavement opposite Parliament so that any MPs arriving would not miss the clear message being displayed. Members of the public too, offered their support with some drivers of vehicles tooting their horns and raising smiles amongst us.


Soon Andrea Williams of Christian Concern called us to turn inward to face the centre ‘stage’ where a host of speakers delivered short, impassioned speeches. MPs Carla Lockhart and Ian Paisley Jnr both took time out of their Parliament schedules to address those listening, saying that, though we might not realise it, such rallies really do have an impact on fellow MPs and help their own work.


They urged us to continue making our voice heard as did the leaders and representatives from the various organisations present: Isabel Vaughan-Spruce of March4Life; Clare McCullough of Good Counsel Network; Lois McLatchie-Miller of ADF UK; Alithea Williams of SPUC; Zuzanna Revayova of CitizenGo; Andrew Stephenson of CBR UK; Robert Colquhoun of 40 Days for Life; Madeline Paige of APS; Eden McCourt of Abortion Resistance; Dr Dermot Kearney and of course our own Lynda Rose whose speech can be seen here.

For myself however, and for many others it was Rachel MacKenzie’s heart-rending plea that stood out; speaking on behalf of the numerous traumatized post-abortion victims who her organisation, Rachel’s Vineyard, seek to help. Her speech can be viewed here:

All in all, it was a wonderful demonstration of solidarity on behalf of those most in need of protection in UK society; a mirror to those in power who seem to have forgotten that the health of a society can be seen in how it treats its most vulnerable. We finish with an excerpt from our Instagram post that day:

‘Today there was such a sense of unity and, despite the gravity of the reason for the rally in Parliament Square, joy. Joy to be together as one, fighting for what we knew is right and true and good and just. Thank you to all you wonderful, courageous people for joining us. Thank you to the organisers, to the public who supported us vocally. Thank you, God of Heaven, for the sunshine. All of you, you did us proud.’

To see more photos, you can access the rally gallery here.

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