Our Nation is Corrupt and Weak

‘Adult feelings must not be put before children’s needs’.  So said Amanda Spielman, former head of Ofsted, recently commenting on the tragic suicide of headmistress Ruth Perry, following Ofsted’s downgrading of her school.  VfJUK entirely agrees.  So can Ms Spielman please explain why, under her watch, Ofsted prioritised the promotion and normalisation of adult sexual licence and promiscuity over the needs of children to be protected from harmful behaviours that, medically, psychologically, and emotionally, expose them to harm?  And why, in its support for gender ideology, has Ofsted sought to normalise and promote gender choice over biology, leading to a five-fold increase, since 2000, of children presenting as gender dysphoric and seeking to transition
The truth is, the country is being taken over by an ideology of sexual libertarianism that violently rejects any hint of challenge – most especially condemning what it labels ‘Christian bigotry and judgmentalism’.  At heart, the new Weltanschauung is a species of sexual psychosis, built on delusion and worship of Self, and it leads to moral decay – a decay that is inexorably and relentlessly destroying the values on which our society is founded, and that up to now have made us strong.
We are in a world teetering on the brink of war, but in our current state of moral bankruptcy and collapse, how can we hope to stand?   What has happened to the indomitable Bulldog spirit, that, following WW2, became a hallmark of what it meant to be British? 
Sadly, it would seem we have become a nation of yapping Chihuahuas – which intends no disrespect to Chihuahuas, but they are ‘toy’ dogs, bred for their delicacy and quirky ‘big’ personalities.  However, appealing though they may be, this is not a time for the wacky and flighty.   Rather, it is a time that calls urgently for courage and steadfastness; for resilience and truth.  If Britain is to have any chance of surviving the crisis that is to come – be it social disintegration, financial collapse, war … or all three – then the delusion and outright lies of so-called ‘tolerance and inclusivity’ must go.  As a nation, we must recover truth, moral uprightness, and genuine tolerance – and, unfashionable though it may seem, we must once again consciously uphold the values of Christianity.  
Unfortunately, it is a lesson that for some is proving very hard to learn.  Even given the demonstrable medical and psychological harms now evident in supporting supposedly gender dysphoric children to transition below the age of 18 – with increasing numbers of children having received such treatment subsequently seeking to reverse the process – some schools are reportedly resisting compliance with the latest Government guidance, which advises that a child’s legal sex is always the same as their biological sex, and which discourages any degree of social transitioning within the school environment, while keeping parents fully informed and involved in any and all decisions.

In fact, it seems that some schools, which are 100% committed to the promotion of gender ideology, not only persist in misrepresenting equality law, but are still actively encouraging children as young as 4 to transition without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

On any assessment, this is nothing less than child abuse, the ruthless exploitation of vulnerable children by selfish adult ideologues pursing an agenda for social change.  But, even worse, at heart it is a rejection of creation by those seeking to reconfigure humanity and assert control.  It is the same challenge to God first whispered by the snake, back in Eden. 

Small wonder then that we face the crisis we do.  VfJUK suggests there is only one thing now that can halt the collapse of our nation and spiralling descent into chaos, and that is that we reject the lies of the ideologues and once again unreservedly commit to the values and truth on which our country is founded.
It will take courage to remove the rot that has taken hold, but if our nation is to survive and have any kind of meaningful future, the disease must be diagnosed and dealt with at source.


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