gender dysphoria

A nation on the edge of an abyss

DATE : May 24, 2024 AUTHOR :

  The date for the General Election has been announced as 4th July, and we are now in that period known as ‘Purdah’, when Parliamentary business and all major policy decisions – in particular, rulings which may directly conflict with the stated intentional commitments of the cabinet or shadow cabinet – are suspended until, following the election, […]


Is the tide turning at last?

DATE : May 9, 2024 AUTHOR :

‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.’  So allegedly said Abraham Lincoln, though exactly when and where has never been verified, but whether correctly attributed or not, the opinion is undoubtedly true.  And nowhere […]


Our Nation is Corrupt and Weak

DATE : April 11, 2024 AUTHOR :

‘Adult feelings must not be put before children’s needs’.  So said Amanda Spielman, former head of Ofsted, recently commenting on the tragic suicide of headmistress Ruth Perry, following Ofsted’s downgrading of her school.  VfJUK entirely agrees.  So can Ms Spielman please explain why, under her watch, Ofsted prioritised the promotion and normalisation of adult sexual licence and promiscuity […]


In Allowing Gender Dysphoric Children to ‘Decide’ Treatment for Themsleves, is Society Abdicating its Duty of Care?

DATE : September 21, 2021 AUTHOR :

  Christian Today Lynda Rose 21 September 2021 Following the landmark appeal in the Keira Bell case, Lynda Rose examines the serious implications of gender dysphoric children under 16 being deemed mature enough to give informed consent and receive puberty blockers. Read here.  

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