Petition against Arch of Palmyra in Trafalgar Square



Plans to reconstruct the ruined arch from the Temple of Bel/Baal on April 19 in Trafalgar Square have been abandoned. Instead, the Roman Triumphal Arch, built at the beginning of the 3rd century AD in the reign of the emperor Septimius Severus to commemorate military victory over the Parthians, will now be erected as substitute. Although reasons for the sudden late change are still not openly acknowledged by the Mayoral Office, this apparent about-face marks a significant climb-down, and can rightly be seen as victory for Christians unhappy at celebration of the occult, as would have been symbolized by erection of the temple arch on this date.

So thank you to all those who supported our campaign. Your voice has made a real difference!

Accordingly, we have now closed this petition. But we ask you to continue in prayer, in particular proclaiming the Lord’s Sovereignty over Trafalgar Square, which stands symbolically at the heart of our nation. Please pray revival of the Lord’s Holy name over this land, in His name reclaiming the Government and all those in authority in this nation. And pray cleansing and unity into the Church, that we may once again stand courageously together against all assault of the evil one.

If you would like to be part of the organized prayer for Trafalgar Square, which will continue till April 19, please email


  • Only in Christ can we prosper and once again become great.
  • Only in Christ can we resist the forces of evil now ranged against us.
  • Only in Christ can we survive … and have a future.

We are engaged in a Battle for the soul of our nation

It is time for Christians to take a stand and defend our faith


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