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The twentieth century saw two world wars waged to defend freedom and liberate the oppressed. Now we are faced by another, far more insidious, but no less deadly, enemy, whose goal is to destroy all we have held dear, and the values on which modern society is based: values of faith and morality, of freedom of speech without threat or fear of intimidation… the freedom to manifest belief.

Christianity itself is under covert and deadly attack, with the promotion of a hostile secularist ideology that increasingly attempts to restrict the manifestation of belief. Christians have even been told by Government to keep their beliefs at home and out of the public arena.

Voice for Justice UK has been formed to defend the ancient freedoms on which our society is founded, and to reclaim and recover lost ground. We believe our call is to proclaim the Faith; to defend the disadvantaged, abused, and marginalised; to uphold the sanctity of life; and to speak out for all who face exploitation and/or oppression from the imposition of an increasingly totalitarian and secular worldview.

To do that we urgently need your help. As we go into battle, we need:

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