Christian campaigning group VfJUK calls for investigation of Scottish child abuse ring, and immediate release of campaigner, Robert Green

PRESS RELEASE: 14th April, 2014
Christian campaigning group VfJUK calls for investigation of Scottish child abuse ring, and immediate release of campaigner, Robert Green
On February 12, 2014, child rights’ campaigner, Robert Green, was arrested by Grampian Police at his home in Warrington and taken to Scotland.  He is currently held at Her Majesty’s Prison Perth. He was not informed of any charge till five days after arrest, when it was alleged he had broken a non-harassment order.
            Grampian Police do not have jurisdiction in Warrington, but some years ago Robert Green had taken up the case of Hollie Greig, a Down’s Syndrome sufferer who made allegations of serious and repeated sexual abuse while a child living in Aberdeen.  As chief perpetrators, Hollie named her father and brother, but she alleged the involvement of a far wider ring, including a senior police officer, a judge, and a range of highly influential and prominent Scottish professionals.   She went on to name seven other children who, she said, had also been subjected to ritual abuse at hands of the same ring.

            Despite medical evidence at the time confirming Hollie had suffered sexual interference,  treatment for venereal disease at the age of 9, and the reports of two independent clinical psychologists stating that Hollie had been sexually abused, the Grampian police dismissed her as a fantasist.   It is reported that they interviewed only two of the named 22 suspects, and refused to interview any of the named victims.  Not only that, but legal steps were taken to suppress all mention of the case in the media.  Hollie was subsequently awarded £13,500 compensation by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for sexual abuse.

            Robert Green demanded an investigation, calling for justice for Hollie.  He has already suffered imprisonment for this, but at the time of his current arrest had not been in Aberdeen for over a year. Since arrest he has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition and has now been imprisoned without trial for 60 days.

            In recent months the country has been left reeling by the sex abuse scandals surrounding Jimmy Savile and Liberal MP Cyril Smith.  VfJUK does not know whether Hollie Greig’s allegations are true or not, but previous failures by the police to investigate have resulted in major injustice for victims.   

            It has been claimed that Mr. Green violated a non-harassment order, but there are extensive and growing concerns that the real reason for his arrest is because of public criticisms he has made of the Scottish Government’s mishandling of the Hollie Greig case, including the fact that the Freedom of Information Commissioner found that government in breach of the Freedom of Information Act in relation to this case. In the interests of transparency and justice, we therefore call for a full and proper investigation into Hollie Greig’s allegations of sexual abuse, and for Robert Green’s immediate release from prison, with all charges against him being dropped and the restoration to him of all property, including his computer and note books, seized at the time of his arrest.

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