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Preliminary examination of responses to our survey examining the extent of discrimination and disadvantage faced by Christians in society today has yielded some unexpected results.  First off, although constantly being told by the media that young people regard religion, and especially Christianity, as irrelevant, we have been surprised at the high level of response from Christians under the age of 34.  Even more remarkable, their views appear Bible-based and strongly traditional, in marked contrast to the beliefs of older age groups, who generally appear to take a more lax moral approach.  For example, asked the questions: are we all born male and female, is real marriage between a man and a woman, is abortion wrong, and should sexual relations outside marriage be avoided, a staggering 90% of young respondees answered yes, as opposed to 60% of the older age 55+ group.
Another surprising finding has been the large number of responses from people of all ages who claim strong belief, but who don’t identify with any particular denomination – indicating perhaps unhappiness with the current stance of some mainstream denominations.  
The overwhelming majority of all responses, however, would seem to indicate that discrimination against Christians is perceived as on the increase, with huge pressure being exerted both in the workplace and socially to enforce compliance with what is termed ‘Woke ideology’.  Though often presented as optional, the reality would seem to be that non-compliance has frequently led to exclusion, ridicule, marginalisation, and even loss of employment.
Please keep the responses coming in.  We’ll release a full analysis on completion of the survey.

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