Deliver us from evil

The Covid-19 vaccines are being steadily rolled out across the nation, and are understandably a cause for rejoicing.  ‘Normality’, we are told, is on the horizon.   But the latest research from Israel suggests that our optimism may be premature or even misplaced.  Scientists there report that the South African corona mutation is more stubborn and dangerous than originally thought, and – even more worryingly – that it is resistant to antibodies from the original virus.  Meaning, to put it bluntly, that current vaccines might not work (  The research is ongoing and further results are expected soon.

Why is this happening?  Could it be that God is trying to attract our attention?

Politicians tell us confidently that science holds the key and will provide a cure – but, at the moment, nature would appear demonstrably to be one jump ahead and shows no signs of allowing itself to be either conquered or controlled.  It is simply not co-operating.  God, on the other hand, could settle the pandemic once and for all in a heartbeat.  But He will surely only intervene if we repent our arrogance and wilful disobedience, and beg His help.

We are in desperate need, as a nation, of spiritual awakening.  The basic, and to some unpalatable, truth is that, while we persist in rebellion, though we might find temporary plasters to remedy the ever-growing list of problems besetting the world, we will not find permanent deliverance.

Climate change, Covid, Russian and Chinese expansionism, the progressive disintegration of Western culture…   All these are perhaps traceable to the West’s ever-increasing rejection of God and assertion of (im)moral superiority and knowledge, and this will not be helped now by President Biden’s failure to uphold Christian values and belief, supporting abortion up to term ( -pro-abortion-policies-advance-moral-evils-archbishop-warns.html), expanding LGBTQ rights ( nondiscrimination-protections-n1255165), and his celebration of religious pluralism ( catholic-evangelical-latter-day-saint-mormon).  Such policies are a direct challenge to God … at a time when we should rather be covering ourselves with the proverbial sackcloth and begging His forgiveness and help.

Here in the UK we need similarly to repent our apparent contempt for the values on which our nation was founded.  In ceremonial oaths, in court, in many of our academic institutions – even set in stone over the BBC, for heaven’s sake – we still proclaim and swear our allegiance to God, acknowledging His power and inalienable sovereignty over our nation.  Though secularists would have us believe these are simply empty forms of word, devoid of all meaning and without power, they are wrong.  They remain indeed an expression and manifestation of the covenant with which we are indissolubly bound to God.

As a nation, God calls us to put Him to the test – to repent – that we might see the deliverance He yearns to give.  But without repentance and a ‘turning from our wicked ways’, we shall be left to inherit the wind.

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