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It has come to VfJUK’s attention that Bournemouth City Council is in process of imposing a 20mph speed limit across all roads in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.    Well and good, you might think, lower speeds save lives!  But it need hardly be said that this is a view that will not attract universal support, not least from businesses in affected areas and those who have to rely on cars for work, such as taxi drivers – and even providers of public transport, who will find themselves facing increased operational costs, meaning that some current routes will no longer be viable.  All of which, of course, will also adversely affect countless men, women and children, seeking to go about their daily lives, and who find their freedom of movement severely curtailed.  
This is not intended as a comment on such schemes, however, but rather on what the proposals reveal of the Council’s motivation.  And it is truly frightening, because, in announcing the changes, the Council has been quick to acknowledge that some ‘groups’ will protest.  It has then taken the perhaps unusual step of naming those groups.  
In a comment to the local paper, The Bournemouth Echo, the authority identifies potential troublemakers as, “… people who proportionately drive more – men, middle aged groups, people without a disability, white British, heterosexuals and Christians (who) will generally consider their freedoms associated with driving are being compromised

In other words, the indigenous white male population of the British Isles, and especially those who follow the established religion of our land – on which all of our laws and culture are founded – are now regarded as potential troublemakers, to be dealt with and suppressed.  From which it would appear, by contrast, that non-white individuals, preferably of LGBT+ orientation, who may or may not have a disability, and who follow either no or a non-Christian faith, inhabit the sunny uplands of state-sponsored approval.

What on earth is going on here?  Has there been a civil war while we were all looking the other way, and are ordinary English people no longer welcome in our own country?  Are Christians being deliberately excluded from the public arena?

If Bournemouth City Council is anything to go by, the answer would appear to be yes – and certainly, from the growing number of Christians facing public censure, and even being arrested for daring to express Christian belief on our streets, or for praying in public (even where that prayer is silent), that would indeed seem to be the case.

If evidence were needed of the increasing stranglehold on power by minority groups seeking to impose an agenda hostile to the traditional values of the UK, this is surely it.  The truth is, the UK is being insidiously taken over by ideologues and activists hostile to our society and culture, and to whom, in particular, English heterosexual Christians are seemingly an anathema.  This is naked bigotry and shameless discrimination.  It is racism … and it is not acceptable.

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