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In recent years there have been a number of legal cases involving Christians who have lost their jobs, or been arrested or prevented from practising their faith. Because of this Voice for Justice UK are launching a Commission of Inquiry into Discrimination Against Christians (CIDAC) to explore this further.

Through CIDAC people who believe they have been discriminated against on account of their Christian faith will have a body to which they can report their experiences.

Because of this spate of legal cases, CIDAC is focussing on Christians. Also because Christians are not in a minority group in the same way that for example  Jews and Muslims are, discrimination against Christians has not been properly explored in this country till now.

However this does not mean that we aren’t interested in the experiences of people from other faith groups. We are! To this end we have produced a questionnaire for people of any faith or belief group.  So whether you are Christian or not, please feel free to fill in this survey and also pass it on to you friends.

If you believe you have been affected by these issues we would like to hear from you. All information will be treated with absolute confidentiality. If you would like to talk to us about your experiences please write to us at

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