God’s in His heaven, and Trump’s in his tower … but is all well?

So, the sadly misnamed liberals, who tell us they prize tolerance and freedom of speech above all else, are at it again. Donald Trump wins a resounding victory in the US election, effectively blowing Hillary Clinton – with her beloved ‘liberal’ principles – out of the water, and her wounded supporters come out in raucous and noisy droves, shouting that they won’t accept him as President, and he’s got to go!

Whatever happened to democracy?

And why is it that, despite the fact Mr Trump won by a resounding 279 votes to Hillary’s 228 – which presumably means that someone, somewhere supported him – the media coverage almost without exception reports only the horror, grief, and outrage of those who lost, and who apparently now fear an assault on climate change agreement, abortion, gay rights and everything else they hold dear.   Where’s the coverage of those excitedly looking to opportunities presented by the in-coming President’s new broom?   Where’s the sympathy for those without a job, who’ve been fighting desperately to survive, and who are now hoping against hope that Trump’s promises will become a lifeline?

We’ve heard of silent majorities, but this is ridiculous. Genuine Trump supporters – whom Hillary has branded ‘deplorables’ – seem to have been airbrushed out of existence. In fact, from the picture you get in the media, you’d think they never existed in the first place, and that the nation is united in condemnation and hatred.

Indeed, this seems to have been the media line throughout the whole interminable campaign, because we’ve been told endlessly that Hillary is wonderful, while Trump’s no more than a foul-mouthed idiot who groped women.

Perhaps it’s true – though the election result would appear to indicate that around half the population disagrees. But could someone please explain why those whose views conflict with the liberal elite have to be branded bigots and ‘haters’, and made subject to legal penalty for daring to whisper anything that even hints at criticism – while the privileged trendsetters intent on remaking the world appear to have carte blanche to say and do whatever they want.   While the press stands by and applauds!

People will always and rightly hold different ideas and disagree with each other, but why is there not one law for both sides? And why do those who have now lost not have the grace to acknowledge that there is a valid counter-narrative, and that that’s okay?   Democracy has worked its magic, and now for a while the other side has chance to put forward their views.

It has, after all, been a long time coming.

The truth is that we are caught in a spiritual battle where the enemy will give no quarter – and certainly won’t listen. Christianity, built on God-given freedom of choice and respect for all, gave birth to Western democracy. But what we are now witnessing is the antithesis of that. Not preservation of freedom and genuine tolerance, but an attempt to impose vicious and at times violent totalitarianism that at heart wants control.

Trump is admittedly a flawed human being – as are we all of course – and some may say he is considerably more flawed than others! But he is a man with a vision who now has the democratic mandate of the people. We should all respect that.   And let those who oppose him – who will perhaps always oppose him – work for democratic change.   But let them stop this unseemly and ill-judged protest – this uncontrolled and excessive screaming, which looks like nothing so much as children having a tantrum, who think that if they only shout loud enough and long enough, they will get their own way.




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