Is ideology killing off the human race? The threat posed by abortion

Apparently China is facing a crisis.  Up until around five years ago, in an attempt to curb its ever-growing and economically unsustainable population, the government relentlessly imposed a one child policy, encouraging women to focus not on their families, but rather on their careers, with the lure that this would give all concerned a better quality of life.  So it was that in one fell swoop women were liberated from bondage to the home, allowed better education, and began to enjoy the fruits of having for themselves, possibly for the first time in their lives, their own disposable income.  And, surprise, surprise, they loved it!
But 5 years ago, the Chinese government somewhat reluctantly conceded that their policy had been a disaster.   The number of babies being born meant that the birthrate was no longer sufficient to generate the replacement levels needed to sustain the population, and the country found itself faced with the grim prospect of a progressively ageing population.    All of whom were vociferously demanding pensions, with the burden for their care being placed on a dwindling and disgruntled work force, wholly unable to take the strain.
Economic crisis loomed.  Cue, quick reassessment – and the ban on more than one child was lifted.  But, to everyone’s surprise, the expected population surge didn’t happen – because by then both men and women had realised the economic benefits resulting from small families, and women especially were enjoying increased access to education and work.  They were free!  And they appear to have decided – perhaps justifiably, all things considered – that a precipitous return to the status quo ante in order to help China’s struggling economy didn’t much rate, when set against their own advantage and personal wellbeing. 
And it seems nothing has been able to shift them from that position.   
It was apparently hoped that Covid-19 might prove beneficial in this regard, with lockdown encouraging productive congress.   But not so.  In fact, the situation has reportedly now become so bad that the birth rate has hit its lowest level since 1949 (   The practical effect of which means that, even if China succeeds in its goal of becoming the world’s largest economy, there is every indication that its victory will be short-lived, because it will collapse!  Demographically and economically, with its culture close behind.    
We are on the verge of being witnesses to the implosion of an empire, and the world should take note.  
The drive to increase abortion in recent years means that all developed countries face the same problem.  In the UK, one in four conceptions now end in abortion, and our birth rate stands at 1.6% per couple.  To survive, the rate should be at least 2.1% per couple.  Yet, undeterred, campaigners are now pushing even harder for abortion to be extended, so that it becomes available ‘up to term and on request’!     Sex is a human right, and it’s a woman’s right to choose whether or not she wants to have a baby, they say.   In the words of MP Jess Philips, abortion has become like a visit to the dentist (
We are turkeys voting for Christmas.  We are literally killing off our nation and, though the shortfall in numbers will undoubtedly be ameliorated over the next few years by increased immigration, the inescapable truth is that economically we’ll collapse.  Which means there won’t be enough people left to fund our pensions, or look after us as our capacities fail; our ‘tribe’ will die.   And our culture and way of life will not just be irrevocably changed, but will disappear.  
Our mindless and unquestioned killing of the unborn is destroying our society and heritage.  Unless we take urgent action to reverse the process, as sure as God made little apples, we will in time kill off the entire human race.  

Of course, there may be some who say that’s no bad thing, or even that we deserve such a fate.  But for most of us the prospect will be both appalling and terrifying –  not just for ourselves, but for those who come after, should they be lucky enough to survive the lottery of birth.  We owe it to our unborn and unknown children to protect their future.
Surely, this madness has gone on long enough.  It is time to call a halt.  


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