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Any society is a product of the shared beliefs, values, traditions and attitudes of those who live within it.  It is formed in community based on an organized pattern of relationships, where people, while holding different aspirations and goals, nevertheless co-operate with one another and voluntarily work for the common good. ‘Society’ then represents the interests of all its members, and inevitably it evolves over time, as different circumstances and influences develop and come to the fore. 
This is to the good, because a society that does not evolve and change, dies.  But not all changes are beneficial, and there is always danger where one group gains ascendency and then attempts to impose dominance over other less powerful groupings.  This threat is precisely what we are seeing in the UK today, with activist groups attempting to normalise and impose a rebranded morality that goes against all we have to now held dear – challenging, in particular, the values and beliefs of Christianity.  
It is a campaign being waged at every level, but nowhere is it perhaps more evident than in the media and on TV.  For example, and by way of illustration, on 12 October 2018, the Daily Telegraph reported that the BBC had made a policy decision to increase the number of gay characters appearing in all its programmes in order to combat ‘heteronormative culture’ (   It also encouraged staff to use non-binary pronouns.  At the time LGBT staff accounted for 11% of the BBC’s total workforce, and 12% of senior staff.  
Since that time Auntie has been working hard in its crusade to reconfigure what it brands as outdated cultural norms and heteronormative dominance.   A 2020 report in The Times, for example, reported that lesbian, gay and bisexual people were nearly twice as likely to appear on television — where they took 11.9 per cent of roles ( ).  That number has since increased, with gay and bisexual relationships consistently presented as a positive alternative to what all too frequently appear the train wrecks of more conventional, heterosexual unions.  At the same time, an increasingly high proportion of LGBTQ+ couples and individuals are also now appearing in game shows, reality TV, and, more recently, programmes such as Bake Off, and Strictly Come Dancing.
You may, of course, think this is a good thing – compassionate affirmation of those who up to now have been forced to suppress their true natures and live a lie, and who may not have been treated fairly by society.  But whatever your feelings, it is beyond question that LGBTQ+ individuals are now significantly over-represented on television, in films, and in the media in general, and such clear and designed distortion is having the effect, as intended, of changing society’s attitudes and behaviour.  
Such presentation has in fact become a weapon of social engineering, aimed at deliberately undermining and overturning what up to now has functioned as the bedrock of our society.  It is part of an orchestrated campaign to destroy the foundations of Western culture – foundations that have made us strong and, until recently, provided a stability that has rightly been the envy of the world.  
As VfJUK reported in a recent blog, statistics released by the Office for National Statistics for 2021 show that  a mere 2.8% of the population of England and Wales, aged 16 or over, currently identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, with a further 0.3% identifying as ‘other sexual orientation’ – which brings the grand total of people not identifying as heterosexual up to 3.1% (   

Set against the whole, therefore, the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people is actually extremely small.  Which means that the number of LGBT+ characters now routinely appearing on our screens and in block-buster films is entirely disproportionate to their actual number in the population.   Yet it is LGBTQ+ behaviours and life-style choices that are being relentlessly pushed, while others of a more traditional and conservative temperament are vilified and derided.
It is beyond question that our society is being deliberately subjected to an ideological campaign aimed at destroying traditional moral values and, most especially, Christian belief.  But, if nothing else, the fruits of this Godless crusade should give pause for thought, because over the last few years we have seen ever-increasing social disintegration and chaos, with families breaking down, hitherto unknown violence on our streets, and a plague of loneliness that has led to skyrocketing rates of mental illness, substance abuse, and addiction problems.  
The BBC’s biased and overt attempt at social engineering, aimed at demolishing what it contemptuously seeks to label our heteronormative, patriarchal and inherently racist culture, is a disgrace.  Worse, it is a demonic tool that, if unchecked, will destroy all we hold dear.  It is time for the silent majority to rise up and say, enough is enough!  

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