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DATE : January 17, 2021 AUTHOR :

It is clinically established that at least 70% of gender dypshoric children, if given love and support, but left alone, will be entirely happy with their birth sex at puberty. However, in 2019, 1,946 children were referred to the NHS gender identity referral service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, England’s specialist clinic for gender dysphoric children. The majority were prescribed puberty blockers – to delay development of characteristics they may find distressing, and to make future surgery easier. Despite what was once claimed, it is now acknowledged by the NHS that these drugs may have serious side effects, including, amongst other things, risk of osteoporosis and stunted brain development… Sign the Petition Here.

Since the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Regulations were introduced in June 2019, safeguarding issues have come to light that have provoked serious parental concern – in some places leading to demonstrations and protests outside schools. As a matter of urgency and for the wellbeing and safety of children, we urge the Secretary of State for Education to address the issues below… Read more | Sign the Petition Here.


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