The hopelessly Biased Broadcasting Corporation

It would appear that the BBC is at it again.  In the latest scandal to hit the Corporation, Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker shared a post on social media calling for Israel to be stopped from participation in all sporting tournaments abroad, “until it ends its grave violations of international law”.

The post was met by a flurry of complaints condemning Lineker’s anti-Semitic bias and unquestioning acceptance of the narrative of ‘genocide’.  They resulted in the post’s abrupt deletion, with Lineker lamely protesting that he believed Israel had already been barred.  One wonders if he can really be that stupid.   But, that apart, it was removed only after it had apparently been seen by ‘millions’.

Shockingly, however, from Lineker’s employers, the BBC, there was only resounding silence.  Yet again it would seem that Auntie has decided to turn a blind eye to overtly anti-Semitic prejudice.  Which means that yet again the Corporation has breached its own so-called rules of impartiality, supporting without question the pro-Palestinian narrative of genocide, while ignoring the palpable danger to Israel – which is faced by a foe openly calling for its eradication from the face of the earth.

VfJUK says again, the BBC is a partisan organisation, promoting views hostile to the Christian values of fairness, genuine equality, and truth – values which, for over 1,500 years, have been the bedrock of our nation and society.

We repeat, the BBC is not fit for purpose.  It is no longer the British Broadcasting Corporation, but has rather become the hopelessly Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

It is this that the money of tax payers is funding, and it must end.

Either the BBC should rethink its position and actually adhere to the policy of impartiality that it claims to follow, or it should be defunded.

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