The nation’s children under attack

There is a common and oft-quoted maxim, ‘The devil is in the detail’.  In this day and age, however, it would seem that the tactics employed by the devil have become rather more overt.  For example, a series of massive e-billboards have recently been unveiled across the city of Cardiff and surrounding area, exhorting children to become an ally of Just like Us, the young people’s so-called charity championing LGBT+ rights.  Specifically, the adverts call on children to run a Pride Group in their school.   

It would seem then that, only months after the exposure of Stonewall’s attempts to indoctrinate children through its heavily criticised education programme, giving ‘Champion’ status to schools normalising and promoting LGBT+ life-style behaviours and choice, the many-headed hydra is back.  
This is yet further evidence of attempted ideological indoctrination of those too young to evaluate properly what it is they are being taught.  All children, as they grow up, are notoriously unsure who and what they are.  They explore and push boundaries – they experiment with identity.  Let’s face it, this can be a difficult process for everyone!  But, in what can seem a chilling and even frightening world, as children jockey with each other for what the adult world calls status and position, they form intense friendships, usually with members of the same sex, who they innately feel will know and identify with their struggles.  This is all part of growing up, and such friendships are precious and often endure for the rest of a child’s life.
Yet in this brave new world, seemingly dominated by sex in all its forms from the age of 3, such friendships are questioned, all too often transmuted by agenda-driven adults into early manifestation of sexual orientation and preference.  Small wonder so many children are now experiencing mental health problems!  Because what can you expect when a young child is told that their feelings of camaraderie towards others who share their sex, far from being expressive of developmental mutuality, are actually indicative of future sexual orientation, which must be both embraced and affirmed?  The world, and the adults who inhabit it, may be a big and scary, but surely the grown-ups know best, and if that’s what they say is going on, who are they – mere children – to argue?  And so they are gently but relentlessly pushed towards embracing behaviours and life-style choices that only a few decades ago were labelled perversion, while being encouraged to join, or even initiate, LGBT support groups.
Let us make no mistake, the encouragement to form such groups is not compassion for a beleaguered minority; it’s a campaign.  Activists aren’t interested in affirming genuine identity.  Rather, they want to impose their view across the whole of society.  Everyone is non-binary or gay, the mantra goes, and their mission is to liberate all from the repressive straightjacket of heterosexuality.  So, history is rewritten, and those who uphold traditional values are mercilessly demonised and condemned as bigots

This truly is a culture war, aimed ultimately at destroying entirely the values on which our society is founded and on which, up to now, we have grown strong.  Small wonder, with such perfidious dogma increasingly strangling our institutions and schools, we are today witnessing social breakdown.  To have any hope of countering the chaos, we must urgently recover the values of genuine respect for all, of moral purity, and of unflinching commitment to truth.  As a start of which, so-called ‘progressively liberal’ ideologues must not be allowed to spread their poison in our schools.

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