There’s battle in the heavens … and the prize is Earth

Chaos in politics, fury in the EU, calls for the French government to scrap border controls and allow migrants unrestricted access across the Channel. We may have voted as a nation last week to leave the EU, but it would seem that the forces of darkness are massing for a counter attack. And the greatest weapon of all, is fear.

Seventy seven years ago, Britain stood alone in the battle against Hitler. Geographically we were – and are – a small nation, fighting then not just for our survival, but for the liberation of the rest of war torn Europe, which had been overwhelmed by Nazi aggression.  Some say that the same battle is being fought today – because once again we seemingly stand alone, claiming our sovereignty in face of European aggrandizement seeking to impose non-elected political rule.

Now, in the aftermath of the vote, we are being warned that as a nation we have committed economic suicide – that we have destabilised not just our own country, but the rest of Europe, endangering the stability of the whole world!

Whatever your views as to which way the vote should have gone, this is just scaremongering – which will be effective only if we listen.   The UK has done no more than assert – claim – the right to determine our own destiny in face of what many feel to be growing EU totalitarianism. Like it or not, the nation has chosen, and has said emphatically that it doesn’t want simply to be a nation state under European rule. So now, as we value democracy, surely we should accept the expressed will of the people and pull together to make the exit work. Gloriously!

Back in the 1940s, we won a war which truly did threaten the peace and freedom of the entire world!  So should we now cower before the bullying of Europe and leftist ideologues committed to the dismantling of Western society?  Yes, finance and jobs are important, but let us not forget that we are still one of the leading economies in the world, and we really can make this work. In fact, there’s opportunity now to make it work better than if we just remained in Europe.

So whichever way you voted, surely now we should pull together to meet the challenge head-on – glorying in the opportunities presented by this unknown country that lies ahead.  Whatever the panic of Henny Penny, the sky will not fall in, and we have the chance now to regain not just our sovereignty but – who knows – maybe even our ‘greatness’.

In the words of Jesus, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is the Father’s good will to give you the Kingdom…”




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