Tribute to the Lost Unborn – a Memorial

Tribute to the Lost Unborn – a Memorial

It’s always painful to lose a child, irrespective of whether it’s result of miscarriage, still birth, or abortion.  Increasingly the last is being seen as a ‘human right’, a badge of women’s equality to be worn with pride – but since WW2 it has led to the termination of over 1.5 billion children worldwide.  To put this in some perspective, on June 6th this year we commemorated the 70th anniversary of D Day, the allied invasion of France.  The total number of deaths for that war, including the Holocaust, was an estimated 55 million, while the number of deaths throughout the 20th century resulting from war or oppression is put at around 203 million.

The loss of so much potential to humanity is unquantifiable.  But for the women and men who suffer the loss of a baby, even when it’s as result of decision, the pain and grief that remains can be horrendous.  For some that grief will never go away, adversely affecting the whole of the rest of their lives.

Talking can help ease the pain, but that’s not always easy – and for some it might even feel impossible, especially when it happened years ago and they have subsequently had a family, who maybe don’t know what’s gone before.

Neither men nor women are immune to these feelings of loss – especially those men whose partner may have decided alone to have an abortion without first talking it over.  But female or male, it’s never easy baring your soul and talking about this kind of thing.  And so the pain remains, nagging away inside like a festering ulcer that won’t heal.

If any of this describes you, and you ache to let your lost child know you love them and haven’t forgotten, VfJUK invites you to sign and leave a message on Tribute to the lost unborn, which can be found at    You can leave your name, or do it anonymously, as you please.

We invite to sign as well all who simply wish to remember and honour the lost unborn, and to express their solidarity with those who grieve.

This Tribute is for memory, for blessing, and for healing.  It’s to let the world know we have not forgotten.


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