WARNING: Sugar can make you obese … sexual promiscuity can kill

Sugar can make you obese, leading to increased risk of diabetes, heart trouble and cancer

Sexual Promiscuity makes you liable to 27 sexually transmitted infections, can cause infertility, and increases the likelihood of premature death

 As a flagship policy in the run up to the general election, Labour have announced a childhood obesity programme that will ban adverts promoting junk food from being broadcast before 9pm. Said Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, “The scandal of child ill-health is a long-standing, growing and urgent challenge.”  He pledged that, if elected, his party would halve childhood obesity within ten years and make Britain “the healthiest country in the world to grow up in.

How very odd that we warn of the health risks attaching to sugar and what is variously categorized ‘junk food’, but say nothing about the hazards of sexual promiscuity, even though STI rates amongst teenagers have now reached epidemic level proportions, and are almost certainly the main cause of adult infertility. In fact, not only do we not warn, but these days we actively promote hazardous sexual behaviours, and encourage non-exclusive relationships as a matter of course – while at the same time advancing the factually misleading and mentally destabilizing view that gender is not a matter of biology but of choice, which can change from day to day.

Which is another way of saying that current teaching on sex and education, far from protecting children, is actually contributing to their ill-health. But for Mr Ashworth and his Labour confreres, this is apparently okay.

It is not okay with us. Such lessons should come with a health warning. Condoms distributed willy nilly by teachers showing children how to put them on carrots and then encouraging them to go and try them out for themselves, should carry huge labels saying, ‘The use of these products can lead to both unplanned pregnancy and infertility, and extremely nasty infections that can cause itching, blindness, insanity and premature death.”

As it is, the hypocrisy of our politicians and policy makers – from all parties – is quite staggering. Kids may be condemned to a life-time of medication and therapy, and die young … but at least they’ll die thin!

Says it all really.



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