When ideology becomes ‘fact’

Three extremely interesting articles all appeared on the same day this week.  First, as part of a new NHS sexual orientation and gender identity form, the Telegraph reported that in some hospitals, doctors are now being asked to detail their patient’s sexual orientation, gender, sex assigned at birth, preferred pronouns, whether or not they have transitioned, and any known future plans to change gender. They are also required to record what ‘organs’ the patient currently has, namely, do they have a penis or a vagina, and were these organs present at birth, or have they been surgically enhanced or constructed (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/11/27/doctors-have-to-tick-whether-patient-has-a-penis-or-vagina/). This information, so far being gathered at King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, the Frimley Health NHS Trust, and the Maudsley Trust, is set be adopted as part of an electronic patient record system throughout the NHS.  It has no obvious connection or bearing on the condition for which patients are admitted.

Second, it was reported that the eagerly anticipated, but long overdue, transgender guidance for schools is at long last to be published and that, while children will be allowed to socially transition with the consent of their parents, teachers will not be compelled to address such children by their ‘chosen pronoun’ (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trans-gender-guidance-schools-uk-published-7cnc0f596).  School lavatories and changing rooms will also be kept separate, and contact sports will remain separated by biological sex.  In a seeming policy volte face, one government source has also reportedly said that there will be a presumption against encouraging social transitioning, though an all-out plan to ban children from changing their gender identity below the age of 18 has been dropped.  
This particular report is a significant victory for parents, long worried by the harms to which their children are being exposed as result of the ideological normalisation and promotion of gender choice.  It is disappointing, however, in that it still leaves open the door for children below the age of 18 to make life-changing decisions that they may, in time, bitterly regret.
Third, it appears that as result of complaints by a number of charities, led by the LGBTQ+ campaigning group Stonewall, the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) might now be blacklisted by the UN Human Rights Council because of its position on biological sex (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/11/27/britain-faces-un-blacklist-over-trans-rights-lobby-ehrc/#:~:text=The%20UK%27s%20
). If the complaints are upheld, this will downgrade the UK from A to B status, thus effectively barring us from taking part in any UN discussions and policy decisions on human rights, and putting us on a par with countries such as Qatar, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

What has provoked such ire on the part of trans campaigning groups? 
The answer is not hard to find.  Stonewall is apparently objecting to advice given by the EHRC that the term ‘sex’ should be redefined under law as ‘biological sex’.  The stated reasoning of the EHRC is that this would provide greater clarity for the determination of contentious issues, such as the use of single sex spaces.   But, to Stonewall, the very idea that women should be entitled to access and quiet enjoyment of their own ‘space’ is manifestation of despicable bigotry.  Never mind the rising number of sexual assault and rape cases as result of unrestricted access to such areas, or the need for privacy, anyone who supports such views must be taken down!  Stonewall’s distorted version of ‘reality’ must prevail.   
If proof were needed of the ideological battle currently raging to reconfigure society, it is surely provided by these three articles.  In our brave new world, where Self reigns supreme, ‘truth’ is being cast as subjective.  I am whatever I say I am, and if your ‘truth’ disputes that, then, whatever it takes, you must be silenced.  No mercy!
Let us not be deceived.  At heart, this is manifestation of the age-old battle between the devil and God, with Satan denying reality and fighting to assert control.  Persuading men and women to deny the truth of their being is at heart demonic temptation, second only to the enticement to destroy one’s own life, flinging back the gift in the face of the Creator.  
The imposition of such a distorted view of reality must be resisted – not because we are hate-filled bigots, denying others the right to be fully themselves, but because true happiness and peace can only be found in embracing and becoming fully what God has made and intends us to be.  And that means recognising the reality of biological sex.

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