Back in the USSR? A lesson from history perhaps

UKIP sweeps the board!  Well, almost … enough at least to cause havoc amongst the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour.  Political pundits tell us that the local election result last week was a protest vote, expressing voter dissatisfaction with government failure to deal with the country’s financial doldrums, immigration, and the benefits mess.  And that’s about it.  Not a whisper of the moral upset and outrage over plans to redefine marriage – which apparently have caused protest only amongst antediluvian and hidebound scaremongers.  No, whatever changes to policy now being considered in a bid to win back the electorate, this at least is apparently non-negotiable. 
More than that, because our revered leader has given the Bill his imprimatur, it is inevitable. 
Following the Russian revolution, it is interesting to note that one of the first acts of the newly constituted USSR was to repeal all laws against homosexuality and to legalize gay marriage.   However, this was spectacularly reversed only a few years later in 1933, when Stalin added Article 121 to the Soviet Criminal Code, making homosexuality punishable by up to five years in prison with hard labour.
Most people would regard this as excessive, but nevertheless one wonders why, given the Soviet commitment to destruction of capitalist bigotry.  Yet it was most rigorously enforced, so could it be that when push came to shove, the experiment was an unmitigated disaster, causing individual and societal breakdown, as result of the ensuing disintegration of the family?  
One can only speculate, but it seems worth remarking that though attitudes towards homosexuality in recent years have relaxed, in line with global trends, none of the former Soviet states have apparently been tempted to repeat the experiment with regards marriage, which remains solidly defined as between one man and one woman. 
It has been well said that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.  It is a lesson Prime Minister Cameron would do well to learn.   Same sex marriage can never be an issue of equality and human rights, because at base marriage is between one man and one woman, joined together in lifelong and exclusive union for their mutual support and the bringing up any children they might have.  However you look at it, two men, or two women – though they may well love and want to commit to each other – can never fulfil the base requirement of gender complementarity.  And without outside intervention, they can’t have children.  This isn’t homophobia or discrimination – it’s biological difference.  And engineering things so that they can have children, who will never know at least one, or maybe two, biological parents, is unfair to children!   
The Queen’s speech this week will set out the government’s legislative plans for the coming year, and it is widely anticipated the Same Sex Marriage Bill will be included.  Voice for Justice UK respectfully points out to Her Majesty that such legislation is neither necessary nor desirable.  More to the point, if passed, the Bill will irreparably weaken the institution of marriage, and ultimately destroy the social fabric underpinning our nation.  As loyal subjects, therefore, we beg Her Majesty not to read out any and all proposals relating to this misconceived and historically tainted Bill.    
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