STI rates at all time high – the Government fiddles while Rome burns!

According to figures recently released by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), cases of gonorrhoea have rocketed by 50% over the last year, climbing to 82,592 diagnoses, the highest figure ever recorded since records began in 1918.  Syphilis cases have also increased by 15%, with 8, 692 diagnoses – the highest recorded number since 1948 (  Overall, in England alone, there were 392,453 new STIs detected last year, up by 24% on 2021, with chlamydia remaining the most common infection.   The highest number of cases was in the 15-24 age group, though it was noted that cases amongst pensioners have also doubled in the past year (
At a time when there is a rise in antibiotic-resistant infections, very clearly evident in treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, this is especially worrying, but the question of over-riding importance is, why is this happening now?  
Previous peaks of 1918 and post 1945 are clearly understandable as the result of war.  It has been said, with some justification, that Venereal Disease marched in lockstep with the army, and returning soldiers brought home the gift that keeps on giving, leading last century to the launch of major health and education campaigns designed to prevent transmission and protect public health.  But in 2023, in the UK, we don’t have that problem, so why this massive increase now?
Post-pandemic jubilation, with sex-deprived Brits making up for lost time and throwing caution to the wind?  Well, that may undeniably be a factor, but it surely can’t fully explain the magnitude of the rise, nor the fact that even before Covid infection rates were sky-rocketing, leading doctors to warn of an uncontrollable ‘epidemic’.  Thus, in 2019, in England, there were 70,936 diagnoses of gonorrhoea – a 26% increase on the previous year – and 7,982 diagnoses of syphilis, an increase of 10% (
A better explanation would then seem to be that the rise is linked – even perhaps directly attributable – to the ideologically driven sex education programme now being mandated in schools.  From the age of 3 onwards, for example, children are routinely being taught that they are sexual beings, with the implicit message that they have an absolute right to have sex whenever and wherever they want, as soon as they feel ‘ready’.  

Thus, seven-year olds are being taught in graphic detail how to masturbate, and encouraged to ‘try it for themselves’.  And only a few years later, as children approach puberty, they’re taught the finer points of vaginal, oral and anal sex – all presented without judgment as of equal value in the giving and receiving of ‘pleasure’ … if that’s what you like (
).    They’re also taught about gender identity, sado-masochism and ‘respect’, and encouraged to try out different forms of sex for themselves, with both same and opposite sex partners – because, hey, you can’t really know till you’ve tried it for yourself!  
It is beyond question that, as result of ideological pressure to normalise, justify and promote adult sexual predilection and practice, children are being prematurely and inappropriately sexualised.  But the horrifying figures showing the rise in gonorrhoea and syphilis demonstrate the price of such teaching.  The unprecedented rise in serious and life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases is directly related to the promotion, as a human right, of sexual experimentation and promiscuity.   
The truth is, the human body is not designed for what is, at the end of the day, such physical and mental abuse.  Unpalatable though it may be to some, it is surely time to acknowledge that these horrifying figures could be reversed overnight, if society ceased to promote casual, risky, and diverse sex.   
Our only hope of tackling this epidemic and protecting children – and adults – is once again to uphold and teach the values of fidelity and commitment, and that sex is something precious – not just a leisure activity, on a par with a late night cup of coffee … but something not to be wasted.  Unfashionable though it unquestionably is, we need once again to teach everyone, and especially children, about duty, genuine respect for themselves and others, responsibility, and that there is a higher good than sex.
The Government’s recent announcement of a review into RSE teaching in schools is to be welcomed (  But it will succeed only if members of the newly-announced panel have the courage to challenge the ideological promotion of unrestricted sex as the be-all and end-all of life.  The promotion of sexual experimentation and promiscuity puts children at risk, and is damaging to the health of society as a whole.  It must stop.
This article, by Lynda, first appeared with a different title and slightly different wording in Christian Today, and is reproduced with permission.

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