Suffer the little children

At the end of its draft Guidance into Relationships and Sex and Relationships Education, the Government helpfully details what it describes as ‘… the many excellent resources already available, free of charge, which schools can use to deliver the new curriculum.

Under Sex Education, it includes:

And, right at the end, from the Catholic Education Service: Example model secondary curricula:

What immediately strikes one is that, apart from the last, all the Government recommendations are to materials promoting sexual promiscuity, inclusivity, diversity, gender choice and so-called ‘tolerance’.

Last weekend the Mail on Sunday carried a report claiming that seventeen children at one school in England, site undisclosed, are currently receiving gender reassignment treatment

However, according to a teacher at the school, most of these children are autistic or have other mental health issues, and are being pressured – groomed – into believing that being born in the wrong body is the cause of their problems.   Disturbingly, she claimed that older children at the school, who were themselves already undergoing treatment, were deliberately targeting younger autistic children, recruiting them into an ‘exclusive’ club.   She explained, ‘I believe that autistic children who are not transgender are being exploited by the transgender lobby. They are being brainwashed into believing they are transgender’.  She went on to describe how some of the more outspoken transgender children were also policing language and behaviour within the school, often accusing teachers and fellow pupils of ‘misgendering’.

Such behaviours can only exacerbate the growing climate of fear affecting society at large. It is yet further evidence, if any were needed, of the ideological battle currently being fought in and over education, with LGBT and transgender activists struggling to gain ascendancy. If the current proposals to make Relationship Education mandatory in Primary schools, and Relationship and Sex Education mandatory in all secondary schools in England and Wales, succeed, then the growing climate of intimidation, exploitation, and abuse will become infinitely worse.

It is not right that the nation’s young should be pawns in what is becoming an increasingly vicious ideological battle for supremacy.  It is not right that otherwise healthy children should be brainwashed into undergoing unnecessary and life-changing ‘treatments’, the implications of which they cannot possibly understand and which they may one day bitterly regret.

Children genuinely suffering gender dysphoria deserve our love and sympathy, and must be helped, but pressuring young people with mental health issues and/or autism into life-changing and inappropriate gender reassignment helps no one.    When and where will this juggernaut of scientific denial and pseudo-self determination end?  Myth is not and never can be reality – insisting otherwise can only cause harm.






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