The really Real – Time to wake up

Satan would have us believe that this is it – that there’s nothing outside or beyond this present time.  So, it’s dog eat dog, and the strongest will survive.  Enjoy it while you can!

This is a lie.  It’s an illusion crafted by evil to separate us from God and stop us from becoming fully what He has created and intends us to be.

In Christ we don’t just see a different reality – in Christ we find real life and truth.

Despite what the Devil would have us believe, we are not defined by our sexual appetites and proclivities, nor by our possessions or power.  Likewise, the fake kudos and popularity bestowed by social media is a chimera – a smog-filled cloud devoid of substance, product of a delusional world seeking to blind us to reality.

It is time to wake up, and become fully what God has made us to be.  It is time to step into our inheritance, recovering our focus as spiritual beings, temporarily housed in a body of flesh.   It is time to look beyond the illusion and enter into our responsibilities as children of God, respecting and caring for one another, and caring for creation.

Christ died to set us free from Satan’s grip – to ransom us from the delusion of darkness and death.  In and through Him, we are redeemed.  So, time to look up from the slime and seek to follow the path of righteousness – the path of obedience that paradoxically leads to genuine freedom.

We all sin, and we’re all scarred.  But Christ offers us escape and a better way – a way that leads to joy, healing, wholeness … helping us become spiritually what we are intended to be.

The bottom line is, we no longer need to be bound by despair, hatred, self-loathing, viciousness, loneliness… in Christ, we find forgiveness, acceptance and help beyond all imagining.

But first we need to repent, then ask Him to help.

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