Twitter gags groups working to protect children

Unbelievable as it may seem, Twitter apparently prioritises harmful LGBTQI+ ideology and activism over child safety and protection.  
A few weeks ago, without any advance notice or explanation, Twitter suddenly suspended the accounts of VfJUK, ParentPower, RSE Authentic and 40 Days UK.  After strong protest from VfJUK, their account was ‘unsuspended’ – but again with no explanation or apology. The other three accounts currently remain suspended, despite repeated requests for reinstatement.  Met, as ever, with silence.
What cardinal sin had all four groups committed to justify such action?  Have they disseminated ‘fake news’ designed to discredit those with whom they may disagree, or otherwise shown intolerance to them?  The answer is a resounding no for all four groups, whose main aim is simply to protect and safeguard children from abuse and exploitation.    VfJUK, of course, while maintaining the sanctity of life and enjoining respect for all as made in the image of God, also seeks more generally to uphold Christian belief and freedom of speech in the public arena.  
The point to be made, however, is that none of these organizations have at any time expressed or endorsed views contrary to or prohibited by Twitter’s terms of service.  On the contrary, while supporting the family and upholding traditional moral values, all four have consistently respected individual freedoms and the right of choice.   It is true that in education, as a part of safeguarding, all four campaign for children to be protected from exposure to materials that will cause demonstrable harm – but their claims are based not on conjecture, but on fully validated medical and scientific evidence.  
And this, it would seem, is where the problem lies – though of course, since Twitter has declined to provide any kind of explanation, this has to remain speculation.  A few days prior to the suspension, however, all four groups were victims of a scurrilous attack in a little known online publication, the Byline Times, alleging a right wing Christian “conspiracy” against RSE teaching.  VfJUK was particularly singled out for attack as being a powerful player in ‘the global religious right… waging war on the teaching of LGBTIQ-inclusive relationships and sex education in schools’.    
Given the timing, it is hard not to surmise that it was a complaint to Twitter, following this article, that led to the suspension of all four organizations.  But, if so, what is truly shocking is Twitter’s apparent willingness to accept without question such unfounded and bigoted allegations – in complete disregard for the welfare of the nation’s young.  By such action they demonstrate their unwillingness to provide a forum for free speech that allows different points of view, and clear bias in support of LGBTQI+ so-called rights (and intimidation), that disregards child protection.  In sum, they appear bigoted and intolerant.

If you are on Twitter, please flood the network with protest over their apparent lack of concern and care for the welfare of children.  And protest their shameful promotion of risky behaviours and life-style choices that cause clearly established and well validated medical harm.


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