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In a recent survey conducted by the disingenuously named Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England, it was announced by the chairman of the group that over 1100 licensed priests in the Anglican Church say they will be happy to conduct same sex marriages, if and when they become legal (   He reportedly enthused, “It is clear from the feedback after Living in Love and Faith that the majority want the current situation to change.”

Given that the Church of England says there are currently around 18,000 active clergy in the UK (,  it is challenging to see how he can assert this with such seeming confidence; but, notwithstanding, the survey is interesting.   For instance, one wonders why, when those surveyed appear to hold so cavalier approach to Scripture and Christian doctrine, they are in holy orders in the first place.  Exactly what is this faith they so energetically follow?   Because as sure as God made little apples, it’s not Christianity!   And by what logic do they now claim the right to rewrite our faith so as to make it more culturally relevant?

A few basics: (1) Christ died on the Cross to break Satan’s hold and set us free from sin, so that we might be restored to that relationship with God for which we had been created.  (2) From the dawn of creation, marriage was God’s gift to Adam, because God had seen that by himself the man was lonely.  To find for him therefore a fitting companion, Eve was created from Adam’s own rib, so that together the man and the women would complement and complete each other.  From the beginning, therefore, the union of the man and the woman was both gift and sacrament, binding them together for the period of their lives, in exclusive and monogamous union, so that they might support and care for each other, and together care for any children that might result.

Our urban warriors masquerading as priests, however, appear intent on denying these fundamental pillars of our faith, rehabilitating ‘sin’ so as to present it as ‘good’ and thereby negating at source the need for Christ’s sacrifice.  In fact, Jesus is relegated to the role of rather wishy-washy good example, proclaiming eternal love without judgment, and who would doubtless, if He’d thought about it at all, have fervently embraced LGBT inclusivity and gender choice.

Let us not be deceived.  This is apostasy, and a gospel of despair that can serve only to root people in error and separate them yet further from God.   Those who argue differently are not fit to care for the people of God.  They should be ashamed.

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