Is God alive?

Parties in number 10, and Boris Johnson’s head on the block as the nation waits with bated breath to see what will happen next.  Who would have believed the Mother of Parliaments could become so embroiled in allegations of corruption and contempt?  At the same time, in Wales, a disabled woman of 53 on a mobility scooter is arrested by Gwent police for putting up posters around Newport stating that ‘humans never change sex’ (
Is such vitriolic condemnation justified, or is society simply caught in a confused and chaotic spiral of escalating madness that demands the appeasement of sacrifice?
In the mid 19th century, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously declared – to the delight of humanists ever since – that God is dead.   A passionate atheist, in his brief life Nietzsche was insistent that science had eliminated not just the need, but the possibility of, God.  And though not blind to the problems of dismantling society’s value system, he dismissed Christian morality as a tool used by decadent priests to assert supremacy, keeping lesser mortals in guilt-ridden subjection.   
He died in January 1889, at the age of 44, of syphilitic induced dementia – providing an object lesson, perhaps, in the dangers of a life lived without rules.  
And surely, this is the fundamental problem bedeviling society today.   As men and women have thrown the rule book out of the window, asserting their human right to do whatever they want, free from constraint and ignoring the precepts of God, so we have increasingly become a ‘dog-eat-dog’, diseased society.   
But worst of all, in so doing we become blind to the real issues, with the cycle of self-focused determination driving us ever deeper into chaos.  
Contrary to Neitzsche’s hubristic assertion, however, God is not dead.  He is indeed very much alive, and watches from heaven the flatulent quagmire of self-focused egoism and greed that mankind has created.  And He calls us to repent.
Unpalatable as it seems, mankind cannot survive on our current trajectory.   Covid has, without doubt, been warning of the judgment that lies ahead, if we persist – and if we don’t now seek His help, there is infinitely worse to come.   Even now, for instance, the dogs of war are gathering, and could be unleashed at any moment – in the Ukraine, in Taiwan … and who knows where else?   While the global financial markets teeter on the edge of collapse.  Yet, even at this late hour, God reaches out in love, and He can deliver us.       
Only He can deliver us.  
The truth is, the world is caught in a spiritual battle between good and evil – between the devil and God.  The outcome is actually assured because the decisive battle was won on the Cross, with final and total victory delayed only to allow time for all mankind to hear the good news, and so be given the chance of salvation.  But that time is almost up and, as on earth, the clouds of war are gathering in the heavens, as Christ marshals His forces in readiness to return.  At which point there will be final judgment, and it will be too late for men and women, caught in the crossfire, to repent.  The die will have been cast, and our choices made.
God alone can deliver us from the chaos and the threats we face.  But He will not intervene unless we first repent, seeking once again to become obedient to His will.  Acknowledging Him as Lord.

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