Join us on Saturday to fast and pray

All the signs seem to indicate that the UK, following the General Election, will be an even bigger mess than it already is.  We are a nation engulfed by chaos and strife, increasingly dominated by ideologies hostile to God.

But though we are a nation that has brought judgment upon itself, the Lord has not abandoned us, and He is calling us now to stand in the gap – to repent and cry out to Him on behalf of the nation, declaring His continued sovereignty.  If we do that, resolutely standing for truth and our proud Christian heritage, He promises to respond.

The truth is, our nation is at a tipping point and only God’s intervention can help us.   But in this time of moral, political, and economic crisis, when we face threats from both within and without, we need a leader.

VfJUK believes that God has appointed just a leader, but who is still yet to be revealed – possibly even to him or herself – and the Lord is calling us this weekend to pray for that person’s manifestation and anointing.

When Samuel was sent to the house of Jesse to anoint the one whom God had chosen to be Israel’s new king, David was still a young boy, out in the fields tending his father’s flocks.  No one at the time, not even Samuel, had any idea that this child was chosen to become Israel’s greatest earthly king, the forerunner of Christ Himself – but he was, and Samuel’s anointing of him, in obedience to God, was crucial to his stepping into that role.  In just such a way, our prayers are crucial to God’s plans for our nation today.

Let Christians arise and stand together to proclaim once again the Lord’s sovereignty over this land.

Please join us, via Zoom, to pray ‘in’ the leader appointed by God at this time for the nation.

Those taking part are Revd Lynda Rose, CEO of VfJUK, Pastor John, Major-General (ret’d) Tim Cross, Revd Steve Campbell, and David Lindsay.

Call to prayer and fast, Saturday 22nd June
Time: 10.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m
Via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 898 6563 1589
Passcode: 412773

Fasting, for those that can and who wish to take part,
from 8 am – 7 pm

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