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Into the eye of the storm

DATE : July 10, 2024 AUTHOR :

The fate of the nation hangs by a thread.  The results of the general election will have delighted some and equally horrified others, but this has nothing to do with party allegiances or policies.  The unvarnished truth is that we are a nation under judgment, and to have any hope of surviving the approaching storm – which […]


Why Abortion Matters

DATE : July 4, 2024 AUTHOR :

If you think the material world is all there is, and that men and women are just randomised clumps of cells that cease to exist when they die, no problem – what does it matter if you abort a baby before birth?  In fact, depending on circumstances, termination might be the best outcome all round!  Similarly, if […]


Pray without ceasing

DATE : June 27, 2024 AUTHOR :

A big thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday for our Call to fast and pray for A new ‘Churchill’ for the nation.  We were joined by 150 online, though many others across the nation had contacted us to say that, though they couldn’t be with us in person, they were standing with us in […]


Join us on Saturday to fast and pray

DATE : June 20, 2024 AUTHOR :

All the signs seem to indicate that the UK, following the General Election, will be an even bigger mess than it already is.  We are a nation engulfed by chaos and strife, increasingly dominated by ideologies hostile to God. But though we are a nation that has brought judgment upon itself, the Lord has not abandoned […]


Calling all Christians – your country needs you

DATE : June 17, 2024 AUTHOR :

The UK is in a mess.  Our much-vaunted NHS is hopelessly fractured and no longer fit for purpose; our economy is a shambles, with an ever-present threat of  financial collapse; the family, once the bedrock of our society, is in what looks to be terminal decline, leading to what’s been called an epidemic of ‘loneliness’, and soaring rates […]


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