Calling all Christians – your country needs you

The UK is in a mess.  Our much-vaunted NHS is hopelessly fractured and no longer fit for purpose; our economy is a shambles, with an ever-present threat of  financial collapse; the family, once the bedrock of our society, is in what looks to be terminal decline, leading to what’s been called an epidemic of ‘loneliness’, and soaring rates of mental illness; we’re suffering an unprecedented climate of antiSemitism and racial tension, with growing knife crime and violence on our streets  … and, to cap it all, we’re warned that we shall soon be a nation at war.  For which we are wholly unprepared.

Our nation seems on the point of collapse, yet nothing we do seems to help!

When faced with similar crises in WW2, the King called the nation to pray and, in response, God delivered us miraculously from what looked like certain defeat.  For almost two thousand years, God has been our shield, protecting us from attack and delivering us from our foes.
Cometh the hour … join us as we humble ourselves before God and stand in the gap for our nation, that He may even now hear from heaven and deliver us.  Join us to pray for the man or woman that we believe He has already chosen to be revealed, and for God’s anointing to be released upon them.  

Join us, in prayer, to make a path in the desert.  

Call to prayer and fast, Saturday 22nd June
Time: 10.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m
Via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 898 6563 1589
Passcode: 412773

Fasting, for those that can and who wish to take part,
from 8 am – 7 pm

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