Pray without ceasing

A big thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday for our Call to fast and pray for A new ‘Churchill’ for the nation.  We were joined by 150 online, though many others across the nation had contacted us to say that, though they couldn’t be with us in person, they were standing with us in spirit and were praying.  The gathering was something we had always felt was called by the Lord, to bring about His purposes at this time for the nation, and, from the start, there was a strong sense of the Spirit with us.

Speakers included Pastor John, who introduced the video A Dramatic Answer to Prayer – The miracle of Dunkirk, that he had felt the Lord calling him to produce a few years ago as a call to the nation to repent.  Pastor John shared his conviction that the nation might shortly find itself once again alone and under threat, with the only possible hope of deliverance being the Lord’s direct intervention.  But he said that for that to happen, we needed first to repent.

The video set the tone for all that followed.  Major-General Tim Cross provided a quick, but comprehensive, analysis of the current challenges to world peace, emphasising that whoever now assumes the mantle of leadership will have to recognise the challenges, and have the insight, strength and fortitude to meet them, in order for us to survive.  Truly, a Churchill!

David Lindsay gave insight into our current political situation, asking the question, who and what is a Godly leader?  He called us to pray for a man or woman who would act under the direction of God, and work for the best interests and protection of all in the nation, free of worldly considerations of position and power.  Finally, Steve Campbell gave a call for the re-envisioning of the Church, calling for Church leaders to stand once again on biblical truth.

But the main focus and emphasis throughout was prayer, and there were breakout groups of between 6-8 people after the various sessions, where people gathered together in small groups to pray.

And pray they did! A very powerful time overall, and you can watch the meeting, minus the breakout groups, here.

It is important to emphasise, however, that this was the start of something and not merely another day of prayer in the run up to the General Election.  We are very far from the battle being over – in fact it’s only just beginning, with every indication that the new government will turbocharge the moral slide into decadence and decay that we have witnessed over the last few years.  From reports in the press, it seems likely that Labour will get in with what has been called ‘a landslide victory’.  Among policies directly opposing Christian belief, it has been suggested that Labour will scrap the new Guidance banning the teaching of gender ideology; will make the process of gender self-identification easier; that it will back assisted dying; and that it will ban conversion therapy.  It also seems likely that the new government will seek to legalise abortion up to term.

All such policies, along with many more, attempt to refashion creation and are a direct challenge to God.  While we continue in such rebellion, the Lord will not protect us, and the chaos, confusion, and collective breakdown bedevilling society can only get worse.

Financial collapse, the death of the health service, open anarchy on our streets … where will it end?  In world war, some pundits say!  The future of our nation is truly in jeopardy, and only God can help us.  But why should He, while we continue to flout and scorn His laws?

God does not desire the death of a sinner, and He Himself is calling the nation to repent. Despite our hubris, He has not given up on us.  Our laws, culture, and traditions are all founded on Christian belief, and we remain under His sovereignty.  God will not and cannot bless sin, but if we will only turn back to Him and renounce evil, He will help.  And He will send us a leader, who will ‘lead’ with courage, strength, wisdom and fortitude.  A leader who won’t back down before opposition, but will seek to follow God.

Over the next months, as the Lord leads, VfJUK will be calling further days of fasting and prayer.  Will you stand with us at this time of crisis? Will you stand in the gap, that those caught in darkness may even now be given grace to see, and turn from all that is causing so much harm, with horror.

Irrespective of party politics, we are in a battle for the soul of the nation.  For the fight that without doubt lies ahead, we need an earthly leader, chosen and appointed by God.  Please join with us to pray for that man or woman to be revealed – possibly even to themselves.  Pray for their anointing, for their protection … and for the triumph of light over dark. Pray … because without them, our nation will be destroyed.

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