LGBT intolerance prevails – Don’t let them win!

It is with profound sadness that we report Cllr Richard Smith has been forced to resign from office as Mayor of Ferryhill, after a campaign of extreme intimidation and abuse provoked by complaints of LGBTQ activist and professional female impersonator Mark Boyes, aka Tess Tickle.

The online abuse and threats of violence from LGBTQ supporters have been so intense and frightening that Cllr Smith was forced to report them to the police.

In a statement accompanying his resignation, the ex-mayor said, “To be denied the opportunity to hold personal views was never my expectation when I undertook the role of town mayor, and it is a matter of sincere regret to me that those personal views have been so tragically and outrageously twisted and reported on in order to discredit both myself and my faith.

“I believe everybody has a right to chose who they are but my perspective, being a Christian and a minister, is what the Bible says. I have no hatred to anyone who chooses that lifestyle, but don’t want to be forced to accept it.”

Mr Smith added  he could no longer bear to see his family, colleagues or church threatened due to the backlash


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