Stonewall ⎼ gender-neutral person no longer knows best

Stonewall’s relentless drive to try and neuter the planet appears to have received something of a setback.   Responding to pressure, it has dropped its guidance to groups on its workplace schemes, advising them to replace the word ‘mother’ with gender-neutral alternatives.  In fact, it has denied it ever gave such advice, with Stonewall chief executive Nancy Kelly going so far as to protest, ‘I’m a mum.  I’m married to another mum … I would be deeply upset if my children didn’t call me Mum’ (

Cue protest from other groups, such as Dundee University, saying that Stonewall did give such advice and drawing attention to the fact that, in response to feedback from its application to join to join the lobbying group’s Workplace Equality Index, it had replaced the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ with recommended gender-neutral alternatives.

What are we to make of this?  That Stonewall has been forced to abandon this policy is an obvious cause for rejoicing, and VfJUK looks forward to seeing all government departments, associated public policy groups, and companies that have followed the group’s previous advice, reverting to traditional and biologically accurate designations.  It remains a cause for concern, however, that Stonewall can seemingly so brazenly contradict its policies and aims.

The evidence for its now abandoned guidance is clear and unambiguous, as testified by numerous bodies signed up to Stonewall schemes promoting so-called inclusivity and tolerance in the workplace – including the Scottish government, which, again complying with Stonewall’s now discredited advice, dropped the word ‘mother’ from its maternity policies (  All of which raises the obvious question, how can you trust a word that any group with such a fluid relationship to truth says?

That Stonewall has seemingly gained a stranglehold on government departments and public policy groups is worrying enough, but of even greater concern, surely, is the extension of their malign influence to schools.  Not content with providing so-called anti-bullying resources for use in teaching RHSE, now they are seeking to make the whole of the curriculum LGBTQ+ inclusive, meaning that every subject will be taught from an LGBT+ inclusive perspective.

Though, on the evidence above, Stonewall would doubtless deny any such an intent, the clear and unequivocal aim is to indoctrinate children into unquestioning acceptance of LGBTQ+ life style choices and behaviours, the effect of which can only be to normalise and further embed Stonewall’s ‘new’ values into society (

Such policies are an overt attack on the foundations on which our society has been built.   Traditionally, schools have been places dedicated to providing children with the knowledge and skills that will enable them in the future to take their place in, and contribute to, society.   But now, under pressure from Stonewall and similar bodies, all this has changed and they have become instruments for the social engineering campaigns of minority political pressure groups.  This is wrong.  As a society we need robustly to resist all such pressure and reassert the traditional values on which our nation was founded.   And as a start, Stonewall – dedicated as it is to bringing about political and social change – should be banned from formulating the policies guiding our national institutions.

If you haven’t yet done so, please write to your MP telling him your concerns over Stonewall’s biased ideological stance and its influence over government departments and schools, and calling for all links to be severed.  Ask your MP to pass on your concerns to the Prime Minister, copying in yourself, and to let you know the response they receive.

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