The BBC… Beelzebub’s Broadcasting Corporation

For those unfamiliar with this figure, in the Old Testament Beelzebub (or, more properly, Baalzebub) was the name of the Philistine god associated with the city of Ekron in southwestern Canaan.   Other names attributed to him were dung god, prince of devils, and lord of the flies (probably because of the association with dung).   By the time of Christ, the name had become explicitly associated with Satan, the prince of demons.  It may be remembered that the Pharisees famously accused Jesus of casting out demons in the name of Beelzebub (Mt 10:25; Lk 11:14-28), a charge categorically denied by Jesus, who pointed out the logical absurdity of anyone attempting to cast our devils by invoking the name of the head devil waging an unremitting battle to seize control. 

So Beelzebub, the father of lies, is the enemy of Christ.  Which brings us to the BBC.

Last week, in its supposedly flagship (and only) Christian programme, Songs of Praise, the BBC saw fit to include a same sex marriage ceremony between two men, who were ‘married’ in Rutherglen United Reformed Church near Glasgow.    This occurred regardless of the fact the Bible prohibits any and all sex outside marriage, laid down as between one man and one woman for life, for their mutual support and encouragement, and for the bringing up of any children that may result from their union. Biblical doctrine could not be clearer – all sex outside marriage is prohibited – as are non-heterosexual marriage services by all mainstream denominations, including the Church of England, the Church of Wales, and the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.  In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that worldwide traditional believers are united in condemnation of this demonically inspired push to recast Christian belief.

Which says a lot about the BBC.   Because, in its wisdom and commitment to ‘diversity’, it has chosen to over-rule this core doctrine of Christianity in favour of what it clearly sees as a more acceptable form of liberal faith.   In response to howls of outrage from concerned Christians across the nation, it says self-righteously, ‘Songs of Praise tells the stories of Christians across all denominations in the UK and, in so doing, aims to reflect the balance of opinions on different issues.’    But only certain opinions, it appears.

The arrogance of such a stance, claiming the right to redefine what Christians are permitted to believe, is staggering.  Indeed, the conclusion is inescapable that in 21stcentury Britain the BBC has become no more than an ideological tool for promoting an agenda hostile to Christianity; and doing so deviously – not in open opposition, but by rewriting doctrine, so that it appears to conform to its agenda.   This is blatant social engineering at its worst, and goes far beyond the remit of the BBC as laid down in its Charter, renewed in December 2016 (

It is, in fact, increasingly clear that we are in an ideological war, with Christianity under unremitting and vicious attack. Beelzebub is taking control and is challenging the Christian heritage and values of our nation.  

Please sign our new petition to the Secretary of State for Culture, calling for urgent enquiry into the Governance of the BBC, and for removal of those responsible for such agenda-driven abuse

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