The BBC’s shameless admission of bias

In a welcome move last week, Ofcom publicly withdrew from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme, citing as the reason a need to avoid conflict or a risk of perceived bias (  They are the latest in a growing list of government departments and public bodies to acknowledge that the advice given by Stonewall is highly partisan, often factually inaccurate, and sometimes misleading.    None of this, however, appears to have impacted on the BBC.  In a statement issued on 26th August, the Corporation defiantly repeated its commitment to workplace inclusion, saying it would remain associated with Stonewall’s LGBTQ+ Diversity Champions’ programme (
A sizeable number of staff are reportedly deeply unhappy with this.  Senior presenters have complained that continuing support for the controversial programme indicates clear bias and partiality, with one commenting, ‘… if we’re all being lectured about impartiality, and quite rightly so, why are we signed up to a scheme that is obviously partial?’  Staff point to the fact that Tim Davie, the director-general, has committed the corporation to prioritising neutrality.
BBC mandarins, however, remain unimpressed.  In yet another statement, made this time in response to staff disquiet, they said, “The BBC acts independently in all aspects of our operations, from HR policy to editorial guidelines and content …. We aim to be industry leading on workforce inclusion … however we make the final decision on policies or practices ourselves’ (emphasis added).
If evidence were needed of BBC bias, this is surely it.   If ‘the final decision’ really does lie with the Corporation, then this is an open admission of LGBTQ+ prioritisation, because Auntie’s programming policy of recent years has, without exception, promoted same sex behaviour and lifestyle choices, unashamedly denigrating traditional moral positions as outdated and bigoted.  It is hard in fact to find a programme these days that does not at some point positively portray an LGBT couple, with programmes such as Good TroubleRuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and We Are Who We Are, celebrated for their ground-breaking and fearless depiction of LGBTQ-identified people, with a claim of complete parity between heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and between same sex and traditional marriage.
Stonewall, by its own boast, is committed to promoting LGBTQ+ freedom and equality, campaigning to drive what it calls positive change in public policy and public attitudes (  In practice, this translates as a covert, but carefully orchestrated, programme to reconfigure society.

For example, over the last three decades, LGBTQ+ activists have deliberately targeted government and government departments, seeking to build and consolidate an impregnable cadre of influence.   In the same way, they have targeted positions of influence in television and the media ⎼ because whoever controls the public narrative controls the shape and attitudes of society.  Which, of course, is exactly what we have seen being attempted by the BBC over the last 30 or so years – with ever-growing ridicule, vilification, and intolerance towards those who dare voice concern or a lack of support for the ‘new morality’.

So much so that Auntie’s primary commitment these days seems no longer to uphold and defend truth, but rather to undermine and destroy the moral values of what it disparagingly calls white patriarchy.  Which is where we come full circle, because despite what is claimed, at base this is a conscious drive to reframe the moral foundations of society.  Auntie, they tell us, knows best.
Lord Reith would surely turn in his grave.  
Since the BBC’s foundation in 1927, it has been famed throughout the world for its impartial, objective, and trustworthy coverage of world events.  It has been a byword for reliability and trust.  But not any more.  
On its website, the BBC still claims to uphold impartiality and the pursuit of excellence.  It states unequivocally that its mission is ‘to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain’.   Its Charter further asserts its commitment to independence, and to the provision of impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them.   And it claims to reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all of the UK’s regions, reflecting the UK’s culture and values to the world (

So why, one asks, is it so committed to prioritising the views and behaviours of a  group that makes up at most, according the Office for National Statistics, 2.2% of the population (

This is a scandal no right-thinking Briton should accept.   The truth is, we are being systematically and relentlessly brainwashed by LGBTQ+ activists, whose goal is not acceptance and equality, as claimed … but supremacy.  Their underlying goal is regime change, and by the BBC’s continued support for Stonewall and its deservedly discredited Diversity Champions programme, the Corporation is not just signally failing to fulfil the terms of its Charter, but is revealing itself as a tool in the hands of sexual revolutionaries seeking to undermine and destroy the foundations of Western culture and society.

We call on the BBC to sever all links with Stonewall immediately, and to uphold the terms of its Charter.

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