Turkeys voting for… well, okay, not Christmas

With a new hand at the helm of Religion, the BBC has announced it’s going to outsource its flagship Christian programme Songs of Praise … and is going to widen the remit to ‘cover inter-religious initiatives’. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4303044/Bishop-raises-fears-BBC-farms-Songs-Praise.html).

So how long before Songs of Praise becomes Celebration from the Mosque? And how long before Christianity is quietly dropped, because Muslims classify anyone and everyone who doesn’t follow Islam as unbelievers?   The Koran, after all, is not noted for its tolerance towards other religions.

Yes, the BBC will assure us this is arrant nonsense, because Islam is a religion of peace, and Auntie is committed to multiculturalism – while Christianity remains central to the Corporation’s religious output. But … can we really rely on what they say? After all, only a couple of months ago, after complaints of Islamic bias, they announced they were axing the position of head of religion entirely – and now look what’s happened! The role resurrected and a second Muslim quietly appointed.

While as for their statement that people should be judged by ability, and not religious background, are we really expected to accept that representatives of one minority faith are consistently better for the job than those from other faiths, including the country’s largest?

So I’m sorry, but statements from the BBC about respecting and preserving Christian output seem pretty much on a par with statements that the moon is made of cheese.

If evidence were needed of Auntie’s commitment to the Islamisation of its religious output, this is surely it.   We say again, the UK is a Christian country. While it is absolutely right that all religions represented in this country – including Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism – receive proportionate and fair representation, the Head of Religious Programming should be Christian.

Fatima Salaria, the new Head of Religion, has reportedly called for the BBC to give greater voice to Muslims.  The statement speaks for itself.

By far the majority of Muslims in this country, along with followers of all other religions, probably want only to live in peace, but in this time of social and cultural upheaval, surely we should be promoting the values and heritage of the UK, founded as it is upon Christianity – which enjoins tolerance and respect for all, as made in the image of God?   And surely we should be promoting the things that encourage integration, and not ethnic dominance by a minority group?

As it is, the BBC appears complicit in an orchestrated, albeit covert, attempt to Islamise this country – of which the erosion and undermining of Christianity is an obvious and vital part. We therefore call for urgent investigation into the governance and headship of the BBC, and for Fatima Salaria’s immediate replacement.

Please sign and share our petition.  http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/41632/view



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