Is this the way the world ends … not with a bang but a whimper?
There are some moments in human history that are defining – of such cataclysmic weight that everything thereafter is irrevocably changed.  Not infrequently those events at the time pass almost unnoticed, and it is only long after – when we look back with the benefit of hindsight – that we say, ‘Then… that was the moment it all changed’.  And often, of course, those seismic, earth convulsing moments are unanticipated, so that it would have been impossible in advance to guard against them.

The passing of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the House of Commons last Tuesday was not unexpected, and could easily have been guarded against, but VfJUK nevertheless wonders if the vote might not prove such a moment.  The possible effects of course have been endlessly predicted.  The nay-sayers have been shouting warnings for months – derided by the other side who claim they are motivated by hate, and have tried vigorously to silence them with the sledge hammer of equality.  But the one thing that is wholly incontrovertible is that, if this legislation does become law, something fundamental will have altered in society. 

The idea of the family as mother, father and 2.5 children, for example, will have gone forever, blown away in the blink of an eye by the legally enforced redefinition denying any and all gender difference.  No longer male and female, but spouse one and spouse two.  Marriage will no longer be a covenant between one man and one woman before God for life, the two thereby becoming one, but merely a contract; founded we are told upon ‘love’.  But little else.  Was last Tuesday then the proverbial gate opened to allow in the flood, and should we brace, as we’re being warned, not just for same sex, but for group marriage … for marriage between siblings, for marriage with a five year old child … for marriage with the beloved Labrador?  After all, if love justifies everything … why not?

And as we encourage our children in school to explore any and every aspect of their sexuality, in order to become fully rounded and fulfilled individuals, free of all repression, who have made an informed lifestyle choice – should we not warn them that some of the practices being advocated might seriously damage their long-term health, or even kill?  Or will we duck this uncomfortable fact, because in our current sexually lax climate, mere mention of the hazards smack of judgmentalism? 

So could last Tuesday become that defining moment in human history when we see our children begin to die of incurable sexually transmitted diseases that could so easily have been avoided?  Will we look back and say that was the moment when our species began to pass away, because we could no longer reproduce naturally and the gene pool became fatally flawed as result?  And if and when these things starts to happen, will people turn on the God they currently deny, and shout, ‘If God is love, how could He allow this?’

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