The Thought police … coming to a street near you

118 Tory MPs rebelling over the proposed legislation, now apparently being fast-tracked by David Cameron, to allow gay marriage! Whatever next?  However hard our Prime Minister tries to pull religion – that is, Christianity – into line and tell us we’re out of step, he seems doomed to failure.  And rightly so.  Same sex marriage was conspicuously absent from the Tory manifesto leading up to the last election, and it is not, and never can be, the province of Government to try to redefine belief.  Yet this is what same sex marriage will do, if it ever becomes law.  In one fell swoop, it will attempt to rewrite the Biblical understanding of the nature of men and women, and of our relationship with each other, and with God. 

            This kind of loopy interventionism would seem increasingly to be becoming a hallmark of British life.  In a recent article in the Spectator,  James Delingpole expressed both shock and outrage at the fact children inall schools across the country are routinely being taught when they mention Mohammed to add the words, ‘Peace be upon him’.  We’re not talking about Moslem children in predominantly Asian schools here, you must understand, but all children; white, yellow, brown, black, and of all faiths or none. 

            What a state have we come to in this once great nation, when on the one hand Christians are reviled and told to keep their faith at home and out of the market place, while on the other our children are taught to revere (sorry, there’s no other word for it!) the prophet of a religion that endorses the death penalty for people holding beliefs contrary to their own?  In many Moslem countries today, Christians are routinely facing extreme persecution, even death, and where is the outcry!

            Mohammed, peace be upon him?  Our children ought rather be taught, Mohammed…. Peace be upon our suffering brothers and sisters!  How can our government possibly justify this?  It feels increasingly, and on all fronts, that active efforts are being made to suppress our faith.  If they succeed, not just Christians will suffer, but society as a whole will be immeasurably impoverished.
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