Ban books promoting the LGBTQ agenda in Catholic schools – SIGN THE PETITION

Petition Closed 15th June 2022
Number of signatures: 6,450

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Ban books promoting the LGBTQ agenda in Catholic schools
Petition to: The Right Reverend Marcus Stock – Chairman – the Catholic Education Service

The book, Noah can’t even, by gay activist author Simon James Green – with its blasphemous gay parody of the Lord’s Prayer, and sexually explicit behaviour involving LGBTQ characters – is a direct insult to Christian belief.

As specifically aimed at the teen market, it is clearly designed to normalise LGBTQ behaviours to young people and encourage experimentation. While society might find such representations amusing, such books have no place within a setting dedicated to educating the young in line with Christian teaching and belief. More seriously perhaps, such inappropriate sexualisation of young minds encourages them into acceptance of moral laxity and promiscuous behaviours, exposing young people to medical, emotional, and psychological harm. Over and above the clear challenge to Christian teaching, the promotion of such material is, therefore, a safeguarding issue.

We urge the Catholic Education Service to stand firm in prohibiting use of damaging materials that prematurely sexualise young people and promote medically dangerous behaviours. We urge them unequivocally to support Archbishop John Wilson in his prohibition against the use of such materials at St John Fisher School, Croyden. We call for all such books to be banned from Catholic schools as inappropriate.

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