Ban puberty blockers for children

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Young children being assessed for gender reassignment treatment are commonly being prescribed puberty blockers to delay the onset of puberty. As justification, doctors maintain that the transition to adulthood for children experiencing gender dysphoria can be highly distressing, while inhibiting the development of adult sexual characteristics simplifies future treatment for reassignment. They argue that puberty blockers have no long-term effects and are easily reversible.

The claims that they have no long-term effects are highly questionable, and not enough research has so far been done. For example, it is now established that puberty blockers adversely affect calcium levels in the body, leading to a possible future risk of osteoporosis. They also act to impede brain development, the long-term effect of which is unknown ( ;

On January 6, Susan Evans, a former psychiatric nurse at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Hospital, launched a case in the High Court claiming that many children receiving gender reassignment treatment have been misdiagnosed and are actually autistic, homosexual, or suffering from some form of diagnosable but non-related mental illness, or trauma resulting from sexual abuse. She is calling for an end to experimental and invasive medical treatment with long-term and currently unknown consequences, arguing that children cannot possibly give informed consent to such life-changing and potentially hazardous treatments, and must be protected from exploitation and abuse (

Stop using children as guinea pigs. Until further research has been carried out, with full assessment of risk, we call for a ban on the prescription of puberty blockers to children.

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