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We need your help!

People arrested for praying silently outside abortion clinics.  A teacher sacked for ‘mis-gendering’ a pupil.  Ex-London mayoral candidate sacked from her housing association job for saying marriage should be between a man and a woman …
The list goes on and on, and every day we seem to hear more stories of Christians being marginalised and discriminated against because of their faith.  But this, we are told, is because Christians are bigoted and judgmental.  It is right they be silenced, because their views no longer fit with society!   We’ve moved on from all that petty judgmentalism!
In the history of our nation, freedom of belief and freedom of speech have never been so much under threat.  Yet many in government and the media – buying into the current narrative of so-called tolerance – deny this is happening.   We have a multi-cultural, diverse and inclusive society, they say, where the rights of all are upheld equally. 

Is this right? 

To discover the truth, Voice for Justice UK is about to launch a Commission of Inquiry into Discrimination Against Christians (CIDAC), tasked with investigating impartially the nature, context and scale of discrimination faced by Christians in the UK.   Online hearings will include evidence from those claiming they have suffered abuse.  A panel of Commissioners, selected for their experience and expertise in human rights and equality issues, will assess the complaints.   The Inquiry is expected to last two years, and will end with the submission of a Report to Parliament, with recommendations for action.   
As to be expected, costs to launch and maintain the Commission are very high.  In recent months, we have been pushed to the limit financially, and have found it a challenge even to meet staff costs.  In order to carry this vital Inquiry through to completion, we need at least £6,000 guaranteed regular income a month.  

Can you help?

It is imperative this Inquiry goes ahead.  Christians are being slowly but systematically driven from the public arena, our voices silenced … the freedom to practise our faith suppressed.  VfJUK is committed to defending Christian freedoms in our nation.  Please, if you can, help us carry forward the fight!

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