“For everything there is a season…”


Much has been made in the news recently of the blood moon – indeed, the blood super moon – resulting from the lunar eclipse that took place here in the UK in the early hours of September 28. Usually when this kind of event happens in the skies over Britain, we are so shrouded by cloud that it passes unnoticed, but for once we were lucky and the skies remained cloudless, allowing some quite spectacular photos from amateur moon-watchers nationwide.

But what are we to make of the prophecies of Armageddon that have also filled the press in recent weeks? At one level we can say, well, we’re still here so they were patently wrong! But is a literal approach perhaps misguided?

I have never myself been much given to timed prophecies, and especially not to prophecies marking out a date for the end of the world or the return of Christ. At one level, such prophecies have simply been irrelevant to me, because my feeling is that as Christians those are matters for God and our duty, whatever His plan, is to live in obedience.

But even a blind ostrich would have to admit that the times we live in today are ‘strange’, to put it mildly, so that a sense of generalized foreboding becomes both understandable and justified. At so many levels, Armageddon looms on the horizon.

To everything there is a season.

Yet how do we square this with the idea of a loving God who wants our salvation?

The answer was clearly explained by Paul in his first century letter to the Romans. God’s will is to save, but He has given us free will, which He will not override. Where we exercise that will for evil, without repentance He allows us to suffer the consequences. But there is worse. At some point, where we resolutely refuse to listen to His warnings and to repent so that He can help us, God gives us up to sin, with the result we become so blinded we are incapable any more of seeing the truth and turning away. We become locked in to chaos and death.

It is not far-fetched to suggest that this is the point society has come to today. We have become so inured to what the Bible calls ‘sin’ that as a society we are no longer capable of distinguishing between what is right, leading to real fulfillment and life, and what is horrendously wrong, imprisoning us in a downward spiral of destructive behaviour, that damages both us and everyone around.

The Bible says that without a vision the people die. It is equally true today that without repentance people will die, because they are no longer capable of perceiving that vision. Only God can help remedy this situation. Only He can pierce through the blindness, allowing people to see the consequences of their choice, so that they turn away in horror. Christ died, in obedience to the Father, to save us from sin – but to receive that gift, we have first to acknowledge where, either willfully or inadvertently, we have gone wrong.

At VfJUK we believe that God is calling those of us who believe to repent on behalf of the nation, to allow in His light.

To everything there is a season.

The world has entered a new phase, and perhaps Armaggedon really does approach. If so, the time is short. But our God is a God who hears, and who responds, and His will remains to snatch those from the flames who can be saved. This is what Operation Sovereign is about – praying repentance into the areas of sin strangling national and individual life, so that people may be enabled to see and turn to the Lord for themselves. Will you join us?

We’re asking people to commit to a regular 15 minute prayer slot every Wednesday for a year and, for those who can, to fast every Wednesday too. The start date will be announced soon, and you’ll receive Guidelines. We’ll also be sending out a weekly prayer bulletin, detailing the areas each week that we believe the Lord is highlighting, so that we’re all praying into the same areas.

We believe we are called to do this out of love. Not a huge commitment, we think you’ll agree … but if we are faithful the effects could be unimaginable!

To sign up, please email info@vfjuk.org





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