French March to support traditional marriage – what now for the UK?

As reported (quietly) last week by the BBC, 70,000 took to the streets of Paris to protest against plans to legalise same-sex marriage and allow gay adoption.  Spearheaded by the Catholic Church, this protest has been almost completely ignored by the British media.  One has to ask, why? 

Can it be that these demonstrations expose the fact that current gay ideology does not have the support being universally claimed?  Can it be that there is deliberate suppression of contrary views because of a politically driven agenda to dismantle traditional structures hostile to the imposition of this ideology?

Marriage is special.  No question.  It is a lifelong and exclusive union between one man and one woman, for their mutual support and the bringing up of any children that may result.  But it’s not just a religious ‘idea’ based on some woolly notion of complementarity, where a man and a woman are thought uniquely to complete each other.  Marriage actually is foundational to society, providing structure and security not just to families, but to the whole social order.  So it’s not far-fetched to say that marriage actually ensures the future, both of society and of the human race.  Life is never ideal, and things do go wrong, as seen in the high levels of divorce – but there is abundant evidence to show that children develop best when brought up in a stable and low conflict environment with their biological parents. 

All of which means that Voice for Justice UK thinks the French have got it right, and that marriage is worth defending.  If you agree, post a comment on our Forum. 

Maybe the time is right to take to the streets here in England.  Certainly, Mr Cameron doesn’t show much sign of listening to us any other way!
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