How long before Christians are excluded from the public arena?

The short answer is, never, if we can help it!  Yet every day there seems news of fresh outrage and growing attempts to silence any who dare voice Christian belief.  For example:

  • Kate Forbes, Scottish candidate to lead the SNP.  Pilloried in the press for saying her faith doesn’t support same sex marriage or sex outside wedlock.
  • Revd Bernard Randall, sacked from his chaplaincy job at Trent College, Long Eaton and reported to the anti-extremism watchdog – for telling students in a sermon that it was okay for them to disagree with LGBTQ+ teaching.
  • Dr Aaron Edwards, lecturer at Cliff College, Bristol, accused of homophobia and reprimanded, after expressing the view that homosexuality is a sin which has invaded the Church, and that such teaching is a ‘Gospel issue’. 

At every level and in all walks of life, Christians are being reviled and intimidated into silence by secularists pushing an ideological agenda that demands total dominance.  At the same time, school children are being relentlessly indoctrinated into accepting life-style choices that expose them to enormous and sometimes life-changing harm.

Perhaps worst of all, denominational churches are increasingly colluding in an orchestrated attempt by those hostile to Christianity to reconfigure the faith.

Everyone, it seems, is allowed a voice … except Christians

VfJUK will continue to stand for truth and against discrimination
We will continue to fight for freedom and justice for all
We will fight to uphold Christian belief

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