It’s official – Auntie is corrupt

For too long the BBC have plotted and connived to impose their woke, metro-view of morality onto a largely unsuspecting and innocent (in the sense of naïve) British public.  The uncovering of Martin Bashir’s corrupt manipulation of truth, ruthlessly exploiting a damaged and vulnerable woman for his own advancement, should be a wake-up call.  Whatever their protestations, the BBC is now exposed as a Corporation that is not objective and is not committed to the truth.  Rather, it stands exposed as callously manipulating facts in pursuit of enforcing an agenda that, at best, can only be described as ‘questionable’.    Let’s be honest – something the BBC is clearly not – on current performance, its goal is the reconfiguration of British society in its own pseudo-liberal image.  To which truth, whether scientific, political or social, is subordinated.

The entire governance of the corporation needs urgent review.  For too long the BBC’s official stance across the board has been anti-Christian, and dismissive of traditional views, whether that be in relation to sexual behaviour, politics, or honest representation of the views of Joe Public – who they appear to have decided needs re-educating.  Most especially, for the past couple of decades – and despite the fact the UK is still in name a Christian country – Christians have been progressively marginalised and their views, where they differ from the ‘new’ morality so beloved by Auntie, dismissed with apparent contempt.

Please sign our new petition calling for urgent review of the governance of the BBC.  Martin Bashir’s corrupt and deliberate manipulation of facts to secure an interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, is clear evidence of a systemic lack of moral integrity.  We call for total and immediate reform of the Corporation and for review of its Charter, as already scheduled for Spring 2022.  In particular we call for measures to be put in place that will restore the BBC to its original role of honest and impartial coverage of the news, without, as currently happens, comment or slant designed to engineer and implement social change.

To this end we call for the BBC’s self-regulation to be ended, for its licence to be scrapped, and for the corporation to be made subject to scrutiny and regulation by an outside regulator.


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