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We hear a lot in the news today about intolerance, hatred, racism and bigotry, and it is of course entirely right that as a society we confront and condemn such evils.   But there appears to be a profound injustice at work here, not unmixed with deliberate sophistry.

VfJUK has recently learned of the situation faced by a young single parent white mother and her two children, aged 15 and 4. Living in a predominantly Asian area in London, with Muslim neighbours, this small and beleaguered family has over the past months been subjected to quite horrific intimidation and abuse, including threats to kill them if they don’t move out. Only this weekend it seems, the teenage daughter was even chased out of the house and down the street by an enraged neighbour, screaming demands that the family move. The child is now deeply traumatised and, by all accounts, nervous of even going out.

It would appear that the ‘crime’ of this lady and her children is that they are Christian. They regularly listen to Praise and Worship music on the radio, and on occasion sing such songs with the windows open, or out in the garden. The complaint it appears – frequently and loudly voiced by their neighbours – is not against the volume, but the content.

If ever there was a case of racially motivated hate crime, this is surely it. But no, say the local police. The family needs to appreciate that they are living in a Muslim area and to exercise more tolerance and understanding.   They are being bigoted.

So let us stand back a little here and look at the incomprehensible reasons behind this politically correct, cultural drivel. The area, as said, is predominantly Asian. The local police apparently reflect this ethnic mix, as does the local council, and the local authority – all of whom are seemingly unprepared to admit the possibility of anti-Christian, anti-white bias and/or behaviour. But pushing excrement through the letterbox and making death threats against those who don’t conform to the belief system and customs of what is coming to sound alarmingly like a Muslim ghetto is apparently fine.

No, it is not.

At the very least this family needs support, and those responsible for such intimidation and abuse should be charged and dealt with under English law.   Over the years, as a nation, we have welcomed without reserve migrants and refugees, giving them homes, jobs, and financial and political security.   Many may well now have British citizenship, but they remain newcomers and do not have the right to insist that we conform with their highly intolerant, and at times violent, values. To put it another way, there must be no no-go areas in the UK, where different belief systems and rules prevail. The law of this land is one law, based on Christian values, and all must be subject to it.

VfJUK  calls for proper investigation into all such cases, and for the even-handed administration of justice, irrespective of race or creed!

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