Martin Bashir has lied. We call for urgent review of the governance of the BBC.

Petition Closed on 1st Dec 2021 – Closing Signatures 4073

Martin Bashir has lied. We call for urgent review of the governance of the BBC.

Martin Bashir’s behaviour in securing an interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, has been revealed as clear evidence of a systemic lack of moral integrity in the BBC. Further, from its presentation of both the news and drama, it is clear that in recent years the BBC has become an ideological tool for promotion of an agenda actively hostile to Christianity – which historically has underpinned and given strength to our society for over a thousand years – to the maintenance of traditional morality, and to the time-honoured and hitherto accepted character of British society.

We would remind Government that the stated role of the BBC is to provide ‘… impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services, which inform, educate and entertain.’ In this it has failed.

We call for:

1. total and immediate reform of the Corporation and for review of its Charter,

2. for measures to be put in place that will restore the BBC to its original role of honest and impartial coverage of the news, without, as currently happens, comment or slant designed to engineer and implement social change,

3. for its licence fee to be scrapped,

4. for the BBC’s self-regulation to be ended and for the corporation to be made subject to scrutiny and regulation by an independent regulator.

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