Moral decadence and cowardice …. or demonically inspired madness

Ely Cathedral proclaims solidarity with the LGBT community and flies the rainbow flag at the city’s first ever Gay Pride Parade (  Yet more evidence, if any were needed, of the Church of England’s growing celebration of apostasy.

Let us be clear, the Bible unequivocally prohibits any and all behaviours identified as sexual sin, which includes fornication, adultery, homosexuality and incest – in fact anything outside marriage between one man and one woman for life.  It also clearly states that in the beginning God created Adam. Then, because there wasn’t any fit helper or companion that could be found for the man, and he was lonely, God took one of his ribs and made a ‘woman’.    So from the beginning the man and the woman were a part of each other.  They were ‘bone of bone’ and ‘flesh of flesh’, and together they ‘completed’ each other.  God’s command and gift to them was to live with each other in lifelong and exclusive union, so that they might support each other, and together care for any children they might have.

That’s the template for humanity and the way we are made – not as gender-neutral beings who can choose for ourselves if we want to identify as men, women, or anything in between, but as biological beings with clear identifying characteristics based on our sex at birth.  And of course this isn’t to say that on occasion things don’t go wrong.  Sadly, a very few babies are born with ambiguous genitalia, just as others are born with life-threatening conditions or disability – and when that happens, all alike need help.   But the starting point is that we are created male or female – it’s in our DNA – and we are designed to live in lifelong, exclusive ‘relationship’ with someone of the opposite sex.  For the Church, in its wisdom, to hold or maintain anything that deviates from this fundamental order is a denial of Christian faith, and apostasy.

At a similar event to that in Ely, readers of this blog will know that earlier this summer in Bournemouth an elderly gentleman was physically assaulted by a gang of LGBT thugs, for daring to say homosexuality was a sin prohibited in the Bible.  You’d think on the basis of age alone such bully-boy tactics would have provoked public outrage and calls for punishment of the offenders.  But no! Apparently in 21st century Britain ‘hate crime’ goes only one way, so that if you’re gay, lesbian, or trans-gender, you can say and do whatever you want.

Is this really what democracy has become?  Where free speech is permitted only for those who follow current – and, by definition, transitory – cultural norms?  And is this why the Church has buckled?  Is it afraid? Or has it been infiltrated and taken over by the self-serving and/or deliberately malign?

When the Church loses its voice, the rot in society spreads, and the weak and voiceless become increasingly vulnerable to abuse.    Now, on the coat tails of adult licence, it is becoming mandatory that children as young as four be inculcated with this sexually damaging ideology that flies in the face of biology and refutes science.   At the very least, teaching a child of four that it’s up to them to choose their gender is deeply confusing; at worst it is pure and simple exploitation, prioritising justification for adult behaviours over child welfare. But subsequently teaching children the finer details of anal and oral sex, without mention of the attendant, but well established, physical risks and harms, is criminal.  The unhappy truth is that we are breeding a damaged generation, caught in the slime of moral degeneracy, and for whom sex in all its forms has become the be-all and end-all of life, with paedophilia and abuse flourishing for the simple reason it is very hard any longer to say ‘no’.


No matter what LGBT and transgender activists would have us believe, sin is not a variable concept subject to cultural change that can be redefined at whim.  And God has not become more sophisticated in the two thousand years since His Son walked the Earth calling people to repentance.  Nor has He changed His mind about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.  The bottom line is, either God is a figment of mankind’s collective and fevered imagination – in which case nothing said in the Bible matters a jot.  Or He really is the Supreme Being and Creator of all, and the moral precepts in Scripture stand, in which case we need to get a bit of backbone and defend the faith for which Christ died.

It is not possible to compromise with sin.   A little bit of pre-marital sex or adultery isn’t okay, no matter what we teach children today about their sexual rights.  Anal sex isn’t ‘normal’.  Destroying innocent life before birth because the mother doesn’t ‘feel ready’ is not a woman’s inalienable human right.  And self-identifying as a surgically changed man or woman, with a lifetime ahead on drugs, is not fulfilment: it’s mutilation.

As the battle for the soul of our nation grows, the devil still prowls around like a wolf, seeking those he can devour.   He is becoming worryingly successful.  It is time for the Church and ‘ordinary’ Christians alike to stand up and defend our faith.  

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