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Recently a teenage girl was sworn and spat at by a mob of up to 60 baying and screaming schoolfellows, who drove her from the room in tears, after she challenged the view that gender critical theory takes precedence over biology.  Accused of transphobia, she was subsequently forced to study alone in the school library, until she could stand the situation no more and left, studying for her A-levels alone, at home ( ).

Part of the function of education is to stimulate inquiry and debate.  The teenager had every right to express her views, but she was not protected by the staff at the school.  On the contrary, the actions of the mob were condoned, while she was penalised.  The school has demonstrably failed in its duty of care to protect all students equally.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their religion and/or philosophical belief.  ‘Threatening behaviour’, ‘hostility’ and ‘harassment’, because of such beliefs, are classified in law as Hate Crime. While we recognise that students are in principle and technically protected from bullying, there is increasing evidence that staff are turning a blind eye when it comes to trans-ideology. This is wrong and must stop.

In line with sexual, racial and religious anti-discrimination law, we call for all students to be protected, equally and impartially, and irrespective of their views regarding transgenderism.  We call for the Secretary of State for Education to put the necessary measures in place to ensure that this disgraceful and intimidating behaviour does not happen again, and that the right to free speech in places of learning be preserved.

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